Your dischidia leaves are getting yellow? no worries there are many reasons behind this and you can easily know why leaves are now turning yellow, and you will find the best solution to fill the requirements of the plant and it will be healthy.

Dischidia Plant is easy to grow and care but many things can affect the growth rate of your plant. Different diseases and problems can affect the growth rate of your plant and you will be sad. Mostly we have spotted that dischidia leaves become yellow and here are some reasons behind this:

Why Dischidia Leaves Are Getting Yellow?

Lack Of Care

Are you caring for your plant very well? Any type of lake in the care of Dischidia or low nutrients availabilities for the plant can bring such problems.

Because Of Potting Mixture

Repotting is necessary to do after a specific time and it’s better to choose a better potting mixture. A well-drained potting mix is considered a good potting mix that drains very well and fastly will be best and repotting is necessary after every year.


over-watering can be the main reason behind root rot which will also turn the leaves of plants yellow. It will work for every plant which you have grown in gardening and it needs to be careful when watering the plant.

Sunlight can also be a factor that can change the leaves of Dischidia.

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How To Save The Plant From Yellow Leaves?

Simply first make sure that plant is getting the required amount of sunlight. After all, if the problem is not this then take your plant out of the pot and check that the plant roots are healthy or not. Infected roots must be spotted and removed or read our root rot guide, after fixing all the problems make sure to fill all the needs of the plant.