Some time ago, a random video went viral on Youtube – even today a huge group of people still look for traces of the Youtube video that used to be at In this blog, we’re taking a look at the video’s origins and where it went. You might even be surprised at how popular this video became once we reveal the mindnumbing story behind – What’s The Big Deal?

Now we’re going to talk about twofold – we’re going to tell you why our Growncares plant & agricultural site is talking about old Youtube videos like this one, and then we’re going to tell you all we know about \”\”.

The URL in question was a 40 minute clip that was cut out from the full version of a documentary about man (and woman’s) relationship with specific types of plants. The clip was from a roughly 120 minute long documentary called Botany of Desire. The documentary is based on a popular book by Michael Pollan that explores the relationship between humans and plants, focusing on four specific plants: apples, tulips, marijuana, and potatoes.

The book was published in 2001 and the documentary film was released in 2009. The book has been well-received and has a following among those interested in plant biology and botany, and the video was popular enough to draw a lot of attention and views when it was held at

How Popular was The Botany of Desire?

“The Botany of Desire” book by Michael Pollan was quite popular when it was first published in 2001, and has since become a bestseller. It has received critical acclaim for its engaging and accessible exploration of the relationship between humans and plants.

The documentary film “The Botany of Desire,” which aired on PBS in 2009, was also well-received and gained a significant viewership. While exact viewership numbers are difficult to determine, it was a part of the popular “American Experience” series on PBS and has been widely watched and discussed among those interested in plant biology, environmentalism, and food culture. The film also won a Gracie Award in 2010 for Outstanding Documentary.

All of this adds up to why the video had so many views and still today has people looking for it.

Why Was The Botany of Desire Clip Removed From

We couldn’t figure out why the Botany of Desire clip was removed from that URL. The video was never controversial, did not contain any questionable content, and while it was popular, it did not receive mass-market attention or media coverage. In this case, the clip was probably taken down because the channel operator removed the video or the entire channel. It could have been due to copyright or licensing infringement.

When a YouTube video is deleted, it is removed from the platform’s servers and is no longer accessible to the public. However, sometimes it is still possible to access an old deleted YouTube video through a URL that you may have saved or found online. This is because the URL may still exist in the search engine caches or in archived versions of the website.

Metaphorically, accessing a deleted YouTube video through a saved URL is like seeing a ghost because it is an unexpected and surreal experience. The video that was once thought to be lost forever suddenly reappears, much like a ghost that appears unexpectedly. However, just like a ghost, the video may be fleeting and may not be accessible for long, depending on the circumstances. – an Old DailyMotion Copy

Our team actually tracked down a copy of the aforementioned clip from The Botany of Desire that used to be at Here’s the clip below if you want to see it!