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Calathea Ornata: The Pinstripe Plant Care Guide

The pinstripe plant is scientifically known as Calathea ornata. Its green leaves with small pink lines make it very attractive and eyecatching. It belongs to the prayer plant family known as Marantaceae. The origin of this plant is in South America, mainly Colombia and its nearby areas. Commonly it is known as zebra plant, peacock plant, cathedral plant, or maybe something other in your region. When sunlight will hit the leaves of this plant it [...]

Philodendron Splendid: Complete Care Guide

Philodendron splendid is also known as Philodendron verrucosum x melanochrysum. I know that it's easy to remember the first name instead of the second one but you should need to remember that name also if you want to buy the plant. Before buying any Philodendron you will love to know different things and care guide about that plant, so it's the best place for you. I hope that you will buy this plant after buying [...]

Top Best Pothos Varieties With Details

Pothos is considered as the most famous and easy-to-grow houseplant. Pothos varieties are more than 30 but today here we have listed a few types of pothos here at Growncares in this specific post. If you ask any expert or friend gardener to suggest some plant you need to have in your garden, pothos will surely be listed there. As a pothos lover you have must grown philodendron have you have thought what is the [...]

Amydrium Medium Silver Care And Propagation Guide

Amydrium medium is a vining plant with some different and striking leaves. I have different varieties of this plant but I am not sure about its pricing. Amydrium medium silver is the most famous breed and today I am going to discuss, how you can care for this plant all the steps are listed. Amydrium is used primarily by landscape designers and gardeners as an ornamental plant due to its unique foliage and delicate appearance. [...]

Hoya Bella Care And Propagation Guide

Hoya Bella is one of the beautiful houseplants in its species and it's somehow different to care than other plants of the same species. It is a subspecies of Hoya lanceolate. In this post at growncares, we are going to discuss its' complete care, disease, problems, needs, and different ways of propagation. It's an epiphyte. Epiphytes are the plants that grow on the surface of other plants. It is a native plant of India and [...]

Philodendron Gloriosum Best Care And Propagation Guide

We can define the Philodendron Gloriosum plant and its all facts through a single word: Showstopper. It's all due to its foliage which grows slowly. If you love philodendron you must have grown other varieties like Pink Princess Philodendron and a lot more. In this specific post by growncares, we will discuss complete care, propagation, different disease, and problems of this plant. Growth and Size How Big Philodendron Gloriosum Can Be?In optimum and perfect growing [...]

What is the Difference Between Pothos vs Philodendron

Pothos vs philodendron both are commonly found house plants, But most of the time people can't understand the difference between both of them. In this post, we will cover all about the difference between both of these house plants. Mostly many new gardeners mix up Pothos with Philodendron or don't understand what is it. Because both the plants are having the same growing habits it's difficult for new ones to understand the difference between them [...]

Betel Leaf Plant Care And Propagation Guide

It is not difficult or not anything special to grow Betel Leaf Plant but you just need to fill up all the plant requirements to see it healthy. This is a rare plant and mostly Indian gardens grow this plant in pots, containers, or in any suitable area where the plant can stay healthy. Many other such house plants as lucky bamboo are very famous in India and are commonly grown.  It is commonly known [...]

Polka Dot Plant Care And Propagation Guide

Scientifically polka dot plant is known as Hypoestes and it is also known as Freckle Face. It is one of the favorite plants of gardens in India and in many other countries. Many people grow it in their houses but it will also look beautiful on the outdoor beds and mainly its leaves look like art on them as Stromanthe Triostar does. Polka dot plants come in different colors like pink, green, yellow, white and [...]

Repotting Monstera Plant In Right Way

Repotting Monstera is not difficult, monstera needs repotting every year or after two years, Recently I have also repotted my favorite monstera mini. In this article at Growncares, we are going to discuss, how you can do the repotting of monstera in the right way. Is Repotting Monstera Good?Yes, Like all other houseplants monstera needs repotting to grow and expand more and more. So repotting should be done at right time perfectly. When You Need [...]

How To Make Plant Leaf Cleaner Or Shiner At Home?

Sometimes you may have noticed shiny and clean leaves of houseplants in your friend's house or in a nearby nursery. You will also be thinking that how that is possible? The simple answer for this is leaf cleaner or leaf shiners. These shiny leaves are not naturally shiny but these are done by using shiners which make these leaves more beautiful. You may have found beautiful shines leaves in a houseplant shop? It is just [...]

String of Turtles (Peperomia Prostrata) Care And Propagation Guide

The string of turtles is an adorable house plant because of its beautiful variation on leaves. Its scientific name is Peperomia prostrate it is a variety of peperomia. This post will discuss its care and propagation guide in detail. Is String of Turtles a Succulent? Yes, it is a semi-succulent and native plant of the rainforest. Like many other succulent plants, it also doesn't like dry areas, and its also having abilities to store water [...]

Repotting Pothos: How and when to repot Pothos?

It's always difficult to know when your plant needs repotting, specially pothos because it grows fast, and I also find the very best experience after repotting my Marble Queen Pothos. In this blog post, I will share some best tips with you, about when and how to repot your pothos and how you will recognize when pothos need to be repotted with some best and required tools for this process. Do You Need To Repot [...]

Why Pothos Leaves Are Turning Yellow?

Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum, is present in the list of indoor plants grown by beginners and it's having many varieties with different specifications like silver satin pothos and many others. We should be thankful for its low-maintenance vibes and hardy nature. But it never means that it is entirely immune to all diseases and problems; it can suffer from many issues like the other houseplants. The problems may be overwatering, underwatering, fungal root [...]

Peperomia Plant Care Guide For Beginners

Peperomia plant is really easy to care for and just one thing you need to know or focus on is water. This plant is really great for beginner gardens. It's having more than 1000 varieties of different sizes, shapes, and colors and I am sure you will love any one of the peperomia varieties. Area with bright indirect sunlight and with high humidity level and highly suitable like South America and Central America. How big [...]

Silver Satin Pothos: Best Care Guide With Details

It's a beautiful and charming house plant pothos variety, Silver Satin Pothos can add beauty and greenery to any space. Every leaf is totally unique and a small silver shine makes it more beautiful. This plant is fast-growing and doesn't need a lot of maintenance and care, and it will stay healthy easily. Just one difficult or hard thing about this plant is its name, commonly known as Silver satin pothos but bio technically is [...]

How To Test Soil pH The Easiest Way

Are you going to test the pH of the soil and search for a reliable method then you are at the correct page. Soil pH determines the acidity level of the soil sample. It’s a valuable way to determine whether either your soil is ideal or not for plants. Let’s continue the reading to learn the soil pH testing method.                                  It is necessary to know the pH level of soil, so you will know how [...]

Marble Queen Pothos: Best Care And Propagation Guide

Marble queen pothos is very famous due to of variation in its leaves which are like speckles of cream and green color. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of pothos but like other pothos varieties, marble queen don't grow faster like silver satin pothos or others. But it's really not hard to care about this plant and I am going to cover all these things in this article. Marble Queen Pothos Care Main [...]

Pothos NJoy: Best Care, Growing And Propogation Guide

Pothos Njoy is a variety of pothos and it's known for white and green variations on its leaves. This post is all about N’Joy Pothos care, growing, and propagation plus a lot more about that which will be helpful to make it healthy. What Is Pothos NJoy? Njoy pothos or pothos njoy is considered in a few of the beautiful pothos varieties of pothos and a beautiful house plant. It's a variety of bright and [...]

Ficus Tineke: The Best Guide For Variegated Rubber Plant

Ficus Tineke is a rubber plant and it's one of the beautiful house plants. Its different colors like pink green, cream, and even pink color make it more beautiful and interesting. This plant doesn't need a lot of care but you just need to provide proper and good sunlight to it. The scientific name of this plant is "Ficus elastica" and most commonly it's known as Tineke and Variegated Rubber Tree. The smooth and waxy leaves [...]

Top Closed Terrarium Plants Which Are Easy To Grow And Care

Terrariums are intimidating and really beautiful plants, today we will see some top closed terrarium plants that are super easy to grow and care for, it's like just grow them in your garden and then you can forget them or they need a little care. Major Requirements to Grow Closed Terrarium? Here are just a few major requirements for closed terrarium plants and they will love a moist, warm, and humid environment. These plants are [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron is an awesome house and famous House plant. Many people get worried after seeing its beauty, regarding its care. After reading this article, you will clear everything regarding its care and propagation and will now many other tips about this plant. In Reality, no one knows the base of this plant, but many types of research show that it was found in 1970 by a Florida grower. I tried to find more [...]

How To Get Rid Of Gnats Naturally

You will surely worry about these small wondering pests in your garden and will be thinking that from where does this come? Have you seen a few flying on water and plant? These are known as fungal gnats. Final gnats can be effective on your plants so you have to get rid of gnats at the initial stages in a natural way. Here we have listed four steps to get rid of gnats naturally. What [...]

Fix Root Rot And How To Save Your Plant From Root Rot

Your plant will not die after a root rot attack but you can still save your plant by providing some best care we will discuss here. To save your plant, you have to perform some actions quickly to save the plant at the initial stages. So, surely you will be interested to know about the safety of the plant. Today at Growncares, you will see how you can save your plants from roots and how [...]

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