Philodendron Care

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Philodendron Splendid: Complete Care Guide

Philodendron splendid is also known as Philodendron verrucosum x melanochrysum. I know that it's easy to remember the first name instead of the second one but you should need to remember that name also if you want to buy the plant. Before buying any Philodendron you will love to know different things and care guide about that plant, so it's the best place for you. I hope that you will buy this plant after buying [...]

Top Best Pothos Varieties With Details

Pothos is considered as the most famous and easy-to-grow houseplant. Pothos varieties are more than 30 but today here we have listed a few types of pothos here at Growncares in this specific post. If you ask any expert or friend gardener to suggest some plant you need to have in your garden, pothos will surely be listed there. As a pothos lover you have must grown philodendron have you have thought what is the [...]

Hoya Bella Care And Propagation Guide

Hoya Bella is one of the beautiful houseplants in its species and it's somehow different to care than other plants of the same species. It is a subspecies of Hoya lanceolate. In this post at growncares, we are going to discuss its' complete care, disease, problems, needs, and different ways of propagation. It's an epiphyte. Epiphytes are the plants that grow on the surface of other plants. It is a native plant of India and [...]

Philodendron Gloriosum Best Care And Propagation Guide

We can define the Philodendron Gloriosum plant and its all facts through a single word: Showstopper. It's all due to its foliage which grows slowly. If you love philodendron you must have grown other varieties like Pink Princess Philodendron and a lot more. In this specific post by growncares, we will discuss complete care, propagation, different disease, and problems of this plant. Growth and Size How Big Philodendron Gloriosum Can Be?In optimum and perfect growing [...]

What is the Difference Between Pothos vs Philodendron

Pothos vs philodendron both are commonly found house plants, But most of the time people can't understand the difference between both of them. In this post, we will cover all about the difference between both of these house plants. Mostly many new gardeners mix up Pothos with Philodendron or don't understand what is it. Because both the plants are having the same growing habits it's difficult for new ones to understand the difference between them [...]

Complete Guide On How to Get Rid of Mealybugs?

Mealybugs, surely if you are a gardener you will be worried about this, and you will be thinking that how can be safe from this. This is one of the most common pests of our houseplants, which is found on almost every plant in your gardens like Philodendron Gloriosum and many others. If you are having a huge plant-like Philodendron Splendid or other big plants, you can easily spot this pest over them. Many solutions [...]

Mini Monstera Ginny (Philodendron Ginny) Care Guide

Mini Monstera, Monstera Ginny, and Philodendron Ginnie are the shared names of Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (Biotechnical Name). It also belongs to the Rhaphidophora genus and has beautiful leaves loved by every gardener. All the names)( monster, Philodendron, and Rhaphidophora) belongs to the Araceae family and the peperomia plant is from a different family but has the same characteristics. This plant has tropical vibes, which allow the plant to climb any wall or something like that, which [...]

Silver Satin Pothos: Best Care Guide With Details

It's a beautiful and charming house plant pothos variety, Silver Satin Pothos can add beauty and greenery to any space. Every leaf is totally unique and a small silver shine makes it more beautiful. This plant is fast-growing and doesn't need a lot of maintenance and care, and it will stay healthy easily. Just one difficult or hard thing about this plant is its name, commonly known as Silver satin pothos but bio technically is [...]

Philodendron Prince of Orange Plant Complete Care Guide

It is a hybrid plant from the Philodendron genus with some bright and lushing leaves. Prince of the orange plant is a common household plant, mostly this plant is famous as a houseplant in the united states where conditions are totally suitable for this plant. It is one of my favorite philodendron varieties and super easy to care for. If you are a new gardener and starting in gardening then such low or easy-care plants [...]

Philodendron Bipennifolium Complete Care And Propagation Guide

Philodendron bipennifolium is a big plant with some long leaves as same as all other varieties of philodendron. They also have vine and beautiful big growing leaves look very beautiful. This plant is known by different other names such as Lacy Tree Philodendron and Golden violin. Plants from this genus have a good growth ratio and we have written a guide on different varieties such as pink princess philodendron and philodendron ginny and my favorite [...]

Complete Guide About Repotting A Fiddle Leaf Fig

Do you want a small plant in your house? if you are a gardener you are surely going to love these types of plants. This is the simple reason which has increased the population of fiddle leaf fig all over the world in many gardens. If you have grown a fiddle you must need to know when and how to do the repotting of fiddle leaf fig. A few days ago my plant was showing [...]

Alocasia Polly: Best Care Guide

Alocasia Polly is truly a unique house plant and it's having deep green waxy leaves with cream lines over them. Its amazing color makes this plant a dark and beautiful house plant. This plant needs some care and most people don't recommend this plant to new gardeners but don't worry if you are new this guide is going to help you a lot regarding its care. It's an African Mask plant and its scientific name [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron is an awesome house and famous House plant. Many people get worried after seeing its beauty, regarding its care. After reading this article, you will clear everything regarding its care and propagation and will now many other tips about this plant. In Reality, no one knows the base of this plant, but many types of research show that it was found in 1970 by a Florida grower. I tried to find more [...]

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