Dischidia Care

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How To Care Calathea Maui Queen? Care Guide For Starters

Calathea Maui queen is not a common houseplant and it belongs to the Prayer Plant family. This plant is going famous in gardens because of its beautiful leaves which are having a small design at the bottom of it. It is also known as Calathea louisae and it needs some basic level care which is almost required for many houseplants, so here at Growncares, we are going to discuss its care. Calathea louisae is a [...]

How To Protect Plants From Toddlers? Simple ways

Do your babies or toddlers also like plants? I think almost every child love plants. It is very good to see toddlers caring for your houseplant and giving them attention. Sometimes some plants are not good for children or on the behalf of many reasons we should need to try some safety. So today in this article at growncares we will cover, How to protect plants from toddlers in five easy ways: Simple Steps On [...]

Dischidia Ovata or Watermelon Dischidia Care Guide

Dischidia ovata has pretty watermelon-like leaves and that's why it is also known as Watermelon Dischidia. It is in a few best varieties of Dischidia plant and is famous because of its small leaves and trailing vines. Leaves totally look like watermelon leaves but smaller in size, green in color with small white lines on the top which makes it beautiful. It also flowers in the summer season, it has small flowers with green and [...]

Why Is My Dischidia Getting Yellow?

Your dischidia leaves are getting yellow? no worries there are many reasons behind this and you can easily know why leaves are now turning yellow, and you will find the best solution to fill the requirements of the plant and it will be healthy. Dischidia Plant is easy to grow and care but many things can affect the growth rate of your plant. Different diseases and problems can affect the growth rate of your plant [...]

How To Take Care Of Table Kamini Plant

Table Kamini plant is one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world. Kamini is a local plant of India and China and is mostly grown in India as a flowering house plant as lucky bamboo which is very famous in India. Thick green leaves prevent you from pruning any cutting from the plant. After cutting when they bloom and grow from the top it looks really amazing and wonderful. It's commonly known as [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Dischidia Plant

Dischidia plant is not difficult to grow and it's not very common, but they don't need a lot of care. It's a house plant and one of the beautiful hanging plants. Today in This article we are going to discuss Dischidia caring and growing guide. Mostly Dissidia plants are grown in hanging pots, and they look very beautiful in them. Few of its varieties are having beautiful flashy leaves which can also hold a little [...]

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