Table Kamini plant is one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world. Kamini is a local plant of India and China and is mostly grown in India as a flowering house plant as lucky bamboo which is very famous in India. Thick green leaves prevent you from pruning any cutting from the plant. After cutting when they bloom and grow from the top it looks really amazing and wonderful. It’s commonly known as Vergarai and Kaadu karibevu in India and its name shows that it’s used as a herb in Indian foods and tastes very well. In this post, we are going to discuss its care and propagation and surely you will find the best answers after reading this post.

Kamini leaves are not allowed to cook or for cooking purposes but this plant is having many other uses. Small white flowers continue to bloom the whole year and they attract honey bees very much and it gives beautiful and bright color to honey.

Is Table Kamini An Indoor Plant?

Yes, This tiny leaves plant is an indoor plant with many qualities and it needs a little care for survival.

Kamini Plant

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Growing Requirements Of Table Kamini Plant


alkaline, clay, sandy, acidic and humid soil and highly suitable for table Kamini plant. Soil should be good but it’s not to be soggy. If you will grow this plant in well-drained soil it will surely give you the best results.

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It is a plant of tropical areas and this plant loves bright and direct sunlight for better growth but it can also survive under low light conditions.

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Kamini plant loves moisture and always regularly water your plant according to soil conditions. Make sure that water is not standing in the pot because it can damage the plant and its roots.


Like many other house plants, Fertilizers with rich nutrients, common house plant fertilizers, or organic fertilizers can be used for this plant. Always use fertilizers in the growing summer season and prevent fertilizers in winter or cool season.

Propoagation Of Table Kamini Plant

You can grow a new Kamini from its seeds or through its cutting but the most suitable way for its propagation is through tip cutting. Take a healthy cutting with the help of any sharp cuttings and if it’s having any leaves over it, remove them.

Select a small pot with the best potting mixture and drainage conditions, now gently plant your cutting in it. Maintain the required moisture level and place it in bright sunlight. The plant will start roots germination within 14 days and it will be better to use any rooting hormone or honey.

What Are The Usage Of Table Kamini Plant?

Traditional Kamini is used in many traditional medicines in India and somewhere in China. In western countries, people have this plant in there as a decoration piece. And its wood is also really useful and known as very strong for handles of small tools.

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Most honey bees make other hives near a Kamini plant, it adds a very good taste to honey. It also attracts many other birds and its flowers also look very beautiful that’s why many people wanted to grow this table plant in their houses.