Syngonium is considered a famous houseplant and if you are having this plant you will want to do Syngonium propagation to grow your garden. Syngonium is really easy to care for and like many other plants pruning time is considered a perfect time to getting cutting off the plant and then propagate it. Completely read out this article to get all information about its cutting propagation in water and soil and later we will wait for results from your side.

What’s The Best Season For Syngonium Propagation?

The Time between spring and summers season is highly suitable for the propagation of this plant. In this season plant will be having more chances of propagation and the growth percentage will increase with that your plant will start the germination process faster.

Pruning And Syngonium Propagation

As you know it’s an arrowhead plant and as an arrowhead plant it needs pruning with time and you need to cut down extra grown leaves. Pruning will help the plant to grow better and its leaves will expand more. You can cut down extra growth or overgrown branches which will again make your plant beautiful. Pruning can be done two or three times in a single year.

Instead Of wasting these cuttings, it’s better to propagate these cuttings in different ways which will be discussed in sections below:

Propagation In Water

Many Plants Like Begonia Maculata can be propagated through water and this method can give more germination ratios for different plants but many plants are suitable for propagation in soil. Most gardeners love to propagate by cutting in water to have a look at the growing roots of different plants before giving them proper care.

  • At first, use any sharp cutter or knife to get a healthy and medium size cutting about 6-8 inches longer. Make sure that it’s having at least one node with it at the bottom and remove all the leaves from cuttings but you can save at least two leaves at the top of the cutting.
  • Remove all the leaves from the bottom which are near to the base of cutting but it will be better to remove all letting about 2 leaves at the top.
  • Now Fill a vase with water and place this cutting in it. Place it in filtered bright sunlight conditions but direct sunlight can be dangerous.
  • Make sure to change the water after every 2-3 days or twice a week.

In the First 10-14 days, you will see some small roots growing in the water. Wait till roots get the length of about 2-3 inches and then transplant this cutting in your main pot and provide it proper care.

Syngonium Propagation Through Soil

Do you want to make your hand dirty? A true gardener love to dirty his hand in his garden soil so try this Syngonium propagation method and you will surely see good results. Almost both of the methods will work the same for this and you just need to plant your cutting in the soil instead of placing it in the water.

Select the best size pot with a hole at the bottom and try to use any potting mixture which is available in the market for propagation purposes or a well-drained potting mixture is suitable with orchid bark.

A rooting hormone or use of honey will surely help the cutting to produce roots better and faster.

Now plant your cutting and place it in any suitable area in bright but indirect light conditions. Water the plant when it’s needed but never over water but make sure to have moist soil at this stage. In this way, you will not see roots growth but you don’t need to repot the plant again, and when the plant starts showing some good results or you spot some roots by digging safely with your hands give proper care to it.