Stromanthe Triostar is a very attractive and delicate plant. It has tropical, Colourful, and whimsical features. Give beautiful shades of pink, magenta, green, and cream colors. The plant is native to the land of South America. It is famous and perfect as an indoor plant as well as an outdoor plant. It is grown in tropical and subtropical lands as an outdoor plant. It has a very beautiful appearance and looks like a work of art if you have polka dot plant it also gives an awesome look of leaves as an art.

Other namesStromanthe sanguinea ‘Triostar’, Calathea Triostar, Stromanthe Triostar,  Tricolor plant

Origin: Rainforests land of Brazil or amazon rainforest

Is Stromanthe Triostar An Easy To Grow Plant?

Yes, it is not difficult to grow such plants they just have some basic living requirements if you will fulfill them, you will be having a beautiful plant in your home.

About the Stromanthe Triostar plant

In classification, this soft-hued plant is related to the Stromanthe genus. It is not only known for its beautiful colors but it is also part of the Broader family ( ‘prayer plant’ or Marantaceae). It is named because of the display and movement of its leaves. Triostar plant is also responsive to circadian rhythm, it results in the lower movement of leaves during the day and up in the night (aka ‘pray’). It has thin, oblong, and delicate leaves. Triostar grows outward and gives a bushy structure to the plant. However, It does not show a taller growth as an indoor plant.

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Care guide for Stromanthe Triostar


Recommended light for this plant is moderate to bright. For maximum response and growth, Choose the best spot for the plant which is not direct to sunlight and even not too dark. It should be in a location with moderately bright light. A window that is nearer to northern or eastern-facing will be best. If you are placing your plant in dim light, it will show stunted growth. On the other side, if the plant is placed in direct sunlight, leaves may get scorched or change their color.

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Humidity And water

When the plant is placed in the right conditions and near to its natural environment, it will show maximum growth. Of course, it is not possible to create a natural environment of rainforests. But by observing the plant’s nature we can introduce some extra amount of humidity and light when the plant needed it.

For all indoor plant care, it’s helpful to channel the plant family’s natural habitat. Of course, we can’t (nor shouldn’t) recreate rainforest environments, but it is worthwhile to note that we can introduce extra humidity when needed and provide dappled light like what the plant gets in the rainforest.

It’s really simple to care for and maintain the health of this plant, it does not need extra care as normal houseplants. Plants love high moisture and humidity and here you need to care. You can mist the leaves every day, but in low moisture conditions use a humidifier to maintain a good humidity level.

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You can also use the flat tray method, fill a tray with water and place your pot in this, but make sure that roots are not touching the water or it can invite different root diseases. But this method is just useful to increase the humidity of a single plant or very small area.

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It needs to be repotted after every one or two years because with time plant roots grow more and cover the space in the whole pot, in these situations you will be able to see roots in the drainage hole. It shows that your plant needs to be repotted, select a suitable soil mixture, and 2 inches longer and wider pot with a drainage hole at the bottom.

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granular fertilizers are recommended during the growing season in springs and summers. Use recommended some after every month for better results.


it’s necessary to take down extra grown or leggy stems of the plant. Remove stems which are having brown or affected leaves. It will help your plant to grow better easily.

Is Stromanthe Triostar Toxic?

No, it’s not toxic and totally safe for humans and for your pet’s friends.

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