It’s always difficult to know when your plant needs repotting, specially pothos because it grows fast, and I also find the very best experience after repotting my Marble Queen Pothos. In this blog post, I will share some best tips with you, about when and how to repot your pothos and how you will recognize when pothos need to be repotted with some best and required tools for this process.

Do You Need To Repot A Pothos Plant?

Yes, with the time as the pothos plant grows it needs to be repotted at the proper time. When your pothos shows some signs of repotting it means that’s the perfect time to repot your plant.

When To Repot Pothos?

My Marble queen pothos was giving some signs of repotting but due to some less time I can’t do that at the time and it was not difficult to repot that pothos if you have grown different pothos varieties this same method will work well for all of them. Here are some signs to understand when your pothos needs repotting.

Unhealthy Foliage

If your pothos leaves are turning yellow it means that your pothos needs to be repotted as sooner as possible. If one or two leaves are getting yellow then you don’t need to be worried about this but always understood why pothos leaves are turning yellow.

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Roots Bounding

The right and better way to understand repotting are through your plant roots. Lift your pothos up and if you spot roots out of the drainage hole or many roots are visible in the drainage hole, it means that your plant is asking for repotting. Root bounding can affect the growth rate of plants and it will be better to repot the plant when you see such signs.

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how to repot pothos

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Issue While Watering

Do you mostly face over or under-watering issues with your pothos? It means that your pot or potting mixture is not good. Standing water can invite different root diseases and it is better to repot your pothos plant in a new pot hopefully, you will find the solution for this.

In the same way, if your pot is getting dry very fast. Try changing your pot about 2 or 3 inches wider and longer so it can store water for long and can maintain a better moisture level.

After all this, surely you will understand whether your pothos needs repotting or not. if yes read out next and repot your pothos plant.

How to Repot Pothos?

It’s really easy to repot any type of pothos plant. If you are having all the tools with you, surely you will repot the plant perfectly and safely. Follow some of these steps to understand the right way:

Best tools

  • A Suitable and a little big pot in length and width (About 2 inches wider and lengthy pot is suitable as compares to older one)
  • Suitable and well-drained potting Mixture
  • Also, use a perlite mixture in your soil for the best drainage conditions
  • For long pothos plants, you need a sharp cutter or knife to cut down some unnecessary parts of the plant.
  • sterilized your cutting tools before use
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Do you have all these tools? If yes, you can now easily repot that plant.

How To Remove Pothos From Older Pot?

Do this process gently and make sure that the roots of pothos are not affected. Simply hold the pot in your hand and put it down a side and with your left hand tightly hold the plant, so its roots will not be affected. Now simply put some force with your right hand and within the first or second try plant will be displaced, now simply take it out from your older pot.

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Planting Pothos In New Pot

Select about 2 inches wider and longer pot with a drainage hole and bottom and cover this drainage hole with any stone or hard paper (it will not allow the soil to pass out through that hole). Add the required amount of suitable potting mixture and now simply add your plant to this pot. That’s it you have done with this step, after repotting make sure to water your plant.


After repotting it will be better to cut down some extra or too long grown branches of your plant, so after pruning plant will grow more in a better way. Use any sharp cutter or knife to cut the branch of the plant just above a plant node (so new growth will start from this place).

If you want to propagate pothos get cuttings with at least one node and repot your plant in water or soil and grow your garden.

That’s all about repotting pothos, I hope you will love that and enjoy gardening.