Do you want a small plant in your house? if you are a gardener you are surely going to love these types of plants. This is the simple reason which has increased the population of fiddle leaf fig all over the world in many gardens. If you have grown a fiddle you must need to know when and how to do the repotting of fiddle leaf fig. A few days ago my plant was showing some signs of repotting and I decided to repot it, so here is an amazing guide about repotting of this plant.

What’s The Best Time To Repot Fiddle Leaf Fig

If your plant is about one year old or more then you can repot your plant in the winters season. There are many other signs which can ask you to do the repotting of this plant, so here we have some best points, through which you can understand the need of the plant.

Extra Roots

It is the basic sign which is surely asking you for reporting. At first, you will notice some roots while watering, if not lift the pot up and you may spot some extra roots at the bottom. Many times you can also find some extra roots at the top of the pot which are some basic signs of repotting.

Slow Growth Rate Or Not Growing

Many things can prevent the growth of your plant and your plant will start growing. Mostly in the growing season when all the plants are growing but few ones or this plant is not growing it means you should have to repot this plant.

A slow-growing plant is not good and it can be due to multiple reasons which are bad soil, no use of fertilizers and due of pests’ attack make sure to try some best solutions and get rid of pests like fungal gnats and mealybugs as soon as you can because it can invite many other plant relevant problems.

Soil And Water Problem

Do you know when you need to water your plant? If yes make sure to check the soil moisture level and make sure that your soil is healthy and good. A fiddle leaf plant needs water when the soil is looking dry, or you can also use a moisture meter that can easily tell you the soil condition.

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Is your soil hydrophobic? Hydrophobic means your soil is no richer to hold moisture conditions for a long time and it will get dry after some time and which shows that your soil is hydrophobic.

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On the opposite side, if the plant is not drying fast or water stay in your pot can be because of two main reasons:

  • Extra Big Pot
  • Bad Soil
  • Overwatering

All these things can be a reason behind holding water in your pot for a long time, these all problems can also bring in root rot problems which can take your plant towards its end. So it’s better to repot your plant when you spot any type of problem which are listed above.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Repotting A Fiddle Leaf Fig

Things We Need For Repotting


Basically in repotting you also have to change the pot of your plant. Basically, we always recommend going for a next size pot or 2-3 inches bigger pot in size than a smaller one. Fiddle leaf fig needs a big pot for better growth so choose an optimum pot in which the plant can survive easily. For better watering conditions your pot must be having a required hole at the bottom for the removal of extra water.

Why We Need A Bigger Pot?

A wider pot will allow the plants to grow freely, its roots will spread more which will help your plant to grow better.

Soil Mixture

Simple or normal houseplants potting mixture is going to work very well, but it’s good to use a perlite mixture for better and stable water conditions to have a safe plant.

A Garden Towel

It’s going to help you in removing the plant from the pot.


It is not a necessary thing but you can use them to have clean hands.

Removing The Plant From Older Pot

Your plants will be having a lot of roots and a towel will help in roots loosen. Many roots will be out of drainage holes and at such sensitive places which can damage the roots. So try this safely and give less damage to the roots as much as possible.

Lay down your plant pot a side and strike a little from the back and that’s it your plant will be displaced and take it out easily. If it does not work try doing this one more time and you will get that.

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How to repot fiddle leaf fig

Loosen The Root Ball

Are you repotting fiddle leaf fig because of the watering issue? If yes this step is very necessary to do. You can spot some mushy and brown roots. While most of the brown roots are normal. You can easily remove these bad roots through any cutter and can make your plant clean from mushy roots.

If your plant is not having watering issues then the roots will be just brown and white. This thing is totally normal and many factors like rootage will be a factor behind this.

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You can also remove some soil from the roots, we are not asking to remove a lot as it can damage your plant but the removal of some soil is not going to do any damage.

Potting Preparation

First, select your suitable pot and cover its drainage hole with any stone or such hard material. It will prevent the soil to go out of the pot through this hole and it will allow extra water to go out easily.

After that fill your pot with the soil mixture, which contains 75% of normal garden soil and 25% of perlite. Place some soil and fill 20% of the pot, so the roots ball will fit easily and we will add more soil later.

Potting Up

Now place the root ball in the pot and give the right direction to the plants. While repotting big plants like this, the direction is necessary to set up and make sure that your plant is straight. Now add the remaining soil means the soil which can be added to the pot.

Care After Repotting

Same Place

It’s better to place every of your plant at the same spot when you repot. It will prevent your plant from shocks, it will be better to provide them completely same environment like temperature, water, humidity, and light conditions which will be helpful for better health of your plant.


Mostly we water our plants after 2 days of repotting but you should need to water the plant according to the soil conditions and plant state. As you are going to have a larger pot and water conditions will be different.

Use Of Fertilizers

If you are repotting your plant in the dormant season, then your plant will don’t need fertilizers. Because your new potting soil already has bundles of fertilizers in it which reduces the need of fertilizers and there is no initial need for fertilizers.

Why Plant Leafs Falling Down After Repotting?

It can be because of shocks, you don’t need to worry about that. Give proper care and in few days your plant will be healthy again.