Pothos is considered as the most famous and easy-to-grow houseplant. Pothos varieties are more than 30 but today here we have listed a few types of pothos here at Growncares in this specific post.

If you ask any expert or friend gardener to suggest some plant you need to have in your garden, pothos will surely be listed there. As a pothos lover you have must grown philodendron have you have thought what is the difference between pothos vs philodendron? Pothos is really beautiful plants and many people have grown them in hanging pots or near the walls or such support mediums which makes them more beautiful so let’s go deeper about the different types of pothos.

How does A Pothos Plant look?

Pothos is having heart-shaped leaves and different varieties of pothos are having variations over them like red, green, or yellow. Its also known by different other names in the United States and western countries.

How To Care for A Pothos Plant?

Pothos is the best plant for beginner gardeners because it doesn’t need a lot of attention. With a well-drained potting mixture and low to bright but indirect light conditions, a normal humidity level will make your plant happy. Just be safe while watering and prevent giving extra water to this plant. Always wait until your plant soil gets dry and water when the top layer of the potting mixture feels dry. Pothos plant will also show some signs when it needs water like vines of the plant will be down and looking deadly but after watering the plant it will be better in a few hours.

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How Many Pothos varieties Are?

Golden Pothos

pothos types

It is considered in the top famous varieties of pothos because of some yellow variations on with green color. It’s having more rounded leaves which are heart-shaped as compared to other varieties of pothos, with any support system and under proper care, these leaves will grow bigger. Variations of this plant will be more clear and more amazing in bright light as compared to the dim or low light conditions.

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Marble Queen Pothos

Marble queen pothos

This variety of pothos is almost similar to the golden pothos but as mentioned golden pothos have yellow variations, but marble queen pothos is having white variations. Sometimes in low light conditions, its variation will lose or you will just see green leaves, try shifting your plant towards bright light conditions. It’s a slow-grown variety of pothos and it will take some long time to fill up your pot with beautiful variated green leaves and long vines.

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Njoy Pothos

types of pothos

Like many other varieties, pothos njoy is also variated plant and has bright white color in the leaves, but mainly it’s having more white and bright color in the leaves of pothos than other varieties.

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Manjula pothos

best types of pothos

If you are looking at this plant from a distance surely you will think that its marble queen pothos because of variations, but when you come closer you see clear differences in the leaves. It’s having cream and a little green variation over the dark background green color.

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Jessenia pothos

Jessenia pothos

It’s having scattered chartreuse variegation and its leave color is dark green this variety was rare but now it’s getting common.

Neon Pothos

pothos types

Neon Pothos neon color leaves and you can easily spot this variety of pothos. Neon pothos is having bright green chartreuse leaves.

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Jade Pothos

jade pothos type

It’s having solid green color leaves. This variety of pothos is suitable under low light conditions and this plant is not having many variations on the leaves and its leaves are narrow if we compare it with other varieties of pothos.

Silver Satin Pothos

pothos types

This plant is commonly known as silver pothos or many say it is satin pothos. It’s having the same growth and care needs as most of the other pothos varieties. Its leaves are having silvery shades with normal green color which makes them more beautiful.

Cebu blue pothos

Varieties of pothos

At first Cebu blue pothos is not Epipremnum aureum but it is Epipremnum pinnatum. It’s having arrowhead-shaped leaves and it’s a very demanding pothos plant.

All these varieties are not difficult to grow and care for, mainly all of these pothos varieties need almost the same care means you can easily have a lot of pothos varieties in your home or in your garden at a single time. You will be interested in other plants except of pothos like here is fittonia care guide.

Youtube Guide Of Pothos Varieties

Can We Care All The Pothos Varieties In Same Way?

Pothos plants care is almost similar and if you know care guide of anyone pothos, you can easily care anyother.

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