Pothos Njoy is a variety of pothos and it’s known for white and green variations on its leaves. This post is all about N’Joy Pothos care, growing, and propagation plus a lot more about that which will be helpful to make it healthy.

What Is Pothos NJoy?

Njoy pothos or pothos njoy is considered in a few of the beautiful pothos varieties of pothos and a beautiful house plant. It’s a variety of bright and variant leaves. It has very compact growth with white and green variation over its leaves. This plant is characterized as very compact and white and green variation, you can find more on United States patent.

It’s having and well-defined and smooth variations over its leaves. Variations are better than marble queen pothos and the green part of the leaf stop growing when the white part begins. You may also know about this plant as njoy pothos but still, I don’t know why its njoy may be due to of its colorful variations.



Like Marble queen pothos plants, njoy also likes direct but medium or bright sunlight, because direct sunlight can burn its leaves. Most of the variated plants lose their variation in availabilities of low sunlight. I am not a hundred percent sure about njoy but it will also lose some of its variations due to of less sunlight. If you have noticed that your plant required more sunlight, you can use light bulbs.


This variety of pothos will require water if the top of the soil mixture is dry and it doesn’t like to dry out completely, so water the plant when it’s needed. But a wet soaking pot can put your plant in danger. A watering schedule can be more helpful but you can also check moisture level by sticking your finger down in the potting mixture.

Does Pothos Like To Be Misted?

A humid environment is better for pothos, according to me misting is not a good method for them. You can use a humidifier which is really helpful to provide humidity.

Potting Mixture

At first, a well-drained potting mixture with a little mixture of perlite will be suitable and if you are having Marble queen pothos, you can use a potting mix with the same qualities.


Pothos don’t need any type of fertilizers. It will be helpful for plants to grow better with a little bit of natural fertilizers is just growing seasons.

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A root bounded pothos will be unhappy but it’s not necessary to report the plant after every year. Make sure to check the plant if it needs repotting or not. If you have noticed or seen roots out of the drainage hole or plant health is affected, then that’s the perfect time for repotting.

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Take out the plant slightly by holding the pot aside and then give a little force from your hand at the pot, and that’s it slight your plant will come out from the pot. Its root conditions will explain to you that does plant really needs repotting or not.

This time select a bigger pot and make sure that it’s having a good drainage system. Use a better soil mixture and it will be very good to report our plants in the summer season.


Njoy Pothos have aerial roots over them. It’s a beautiful tabletop and a hanging pot but if you can provide suitable support to its aerial roots they will grow fastly. You can use different types of mose poles as support for aerial roots. while watering, always mist the mouse poles, so aerial roots will also drink water.

Pruning and Maintenance

Long and stretched vines will few leaves over them are the sign of less light, and the plant is trying to reach more sunlight so pothos pruning is necessary. Easily cut down a leggy vine with the help of a knife. Cut the vine above the node, so the node will help to start new growth. If you will provide the best care and fill up all the requirements then I am sure that you will never face such situations. Sometimes, yellow leaves will appear on the plant. These leaves are normal and removed easily.

Problems And Pests


Mostly pothos plants don’t face any posts attack, but spider mites and mealybugs can be found on your plant. Always check the bottom leaves of the plant, if you find any type of pests then you must need to use any house plant pest killer for pothos, but always read the label and use it according to the written instructions.

Yellow Leaves

Most of the time, according to me, yellow leaves are because of less sunlight, low or extra amount of water or it can be due to extra light. 

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Always check the moisture level and water your plant well, if water requirements are okay then surely yellow leaves are because of less or more light, or read this pothos yellow leaves guide.

Njoy pothos

Brown or Crispy Leaves

It can be due to less humidity, less sunlight, low water, or because of much fertilizers. 

  • Make sure that your plant is getting bright and indirect sunlight.
  • The plant should be watered according to its need.
  • Never fertilize Pothos plants frequently.
  • If all of these are not the problems, then humidity can be a reason behind this.

Propagation Process Of Pothos NJoy

Propagation can be done in water or in the potting mixture. Both the methods are super easy and you can grow up your farm after following that guide.

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With Water

Cut a little long branch of the plant with few leaves and with some nodes. Always cut down from the bottom part of the node with the help of a knife. Always include a node in the cutting, which means from this node new plant will start growing. At the end give a side cut below the node with the help of a cutter.

Now fill up a glass jar with water and put the cuttings in it. Make sure that at least one node is in the water, and remove all the leaves which are in the water. Make sure to put the jar at a suitable room temperature. After a few weeks when bundles of new roots will appear you can move the cutting in a beautiful pot.

In Potting Mixture

At first, follow all the steps which were used for water cutting. Here it is again; Cut a little long branch of the plant with few leaves and with some nodes. Always cut down from the bottom part of the node with the help of a knife. Always include a node in the cutting, which means from this node new plant will start growing. At the end give a side cut below the node with the help of a cutter.

Now select the best potting mixture which is having good moisture maintenance conditions. Make sure to cover at least one node in the potting mix and not cover any leave.

After about 3 weeks new roots system will start developing, and you can gently check that after one month. If still roots are not grown, be patient and give proper care.

More Information

Is N’Joy Pothos Toxic For Pets?

Yes, it is dangerous for your beautiful pets and always puts the plant away from the reach of pets.

Can We Grow N’Joy Pothos In Water?

Yes, this Pothos plant can survive in water, but the growth rate will be slow.

How Big Njoy Pothos Plant Can Be?

Plant height will depend on your care and area will also matter and it can grow up to 7 feet.

How Long Njoy Pothos Can live?

Maximum age of a plant is about 22 weeks and it is possible under proper care.