Scientifically polka dot plant is known as Hypoestes and it is also known as Freckle Face. It is one of the favorite plants of gardens in India and in many other countries. Many people grow it in their houses but it will also look beautiful on the outdoor beds and mainly its leaves look like art on them as Stromanthe Triostar does.

Polka dot plants come in different colors like pink, green, yellow, white and pink, green and white and it belongs to Hypoestes phyllostachya. It’s not just beautiful and eye-catching, but it’s really simple to grow and care for. It is a native plant of Madagascar and indoors it will not grow fast, but under proper care and best conditions, you will see interesting results.

Is Polka Dot Plant An Easy To Care Plant?

Yes, the polka dot plant is easy to maintain and super easy to propagate this plant. Its requirements are not enough it just needs basic care and its propagation is also simple and you can easily grow your garden.

Polka Dot Plant Care


Like many other plants it also loves direct and bright light, but too much bright light can be dangerous. Place your plant near a window or under a shady plant, so it will receive filtered light. Bright and low light can cause different problems like crispy leaves and small brown dots on the leaves. Yellow leaves can be because of light and many other problems, read out this pothos yellow leaves guide and it will be helpful for any plant.

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Always water when the topmost layer feels dry to touch. You can simply check this by inserting your finger into the potting mixture, if it feels dry means you need to water the plant. It will avoid over and underwatering otherwise overwatering can invite root rot disease or leaves of the plant will start falling.

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Nothing special about its temperature needs, because it just needs a normal house plant temperature between 20-25 degrees celsius.

polka dot plant care

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Is Polka Dot Plant A Fast Growing Plant?

No, but these are moderate-growing plants. But the growth of a plant also depends on the care you give to your plant. In a better environment under and better conditions, your plant can perform very well.

Potting Mixture

A well-drained potting mixture that is rich in nutrients is highly suitable always use a good pot which is having a drainage hole at the bottom.


It loves high humidity and you can spot some affected yellow leaves in case of low humidity. In case of low humidity conditions use a humidifier to increase the humidity level.


Don’t need a lot of fertilizers, but you can use any liquid fertilizers in the spring season for better growth of plants.


Pruning is necessary to remove all extra and leggy branches of the plant. Leggy stems are long with fewer leaves which changes the look of your plants, so it is necessary to remove all these stems. So, the plant will maintain good health and it will look good.

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Many people prune the flowers of this plant because they are not so beautiful, people cut flowers and help the plant to produce more beautiful leaves.

Propagation Of Polka Dot Plant

Its propagation can be done with the help of leaves, collect a few leaves with a small stem attached to them which connects the leaves to the branch of the plant. Now use rooting hormone or honey and dip these small parts in them. Moss peat is the best medium to grow them plant this small stem in the root and give proper care to them. In 10-14 days roots production will start and after a few days, you can transplant them towards the main pot.

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Pests And Problems

whiteflies, aphids, and mealybugs are mostly spotted on polka dot plants and use neem oil or green solutions to get rid of them.

Different problems will come because of less or overwatering and due to bright sunlight. Leggy stems are signs of less sunlight and the plant is trying to move towards the bright light. Root rot is a common problem of every plant and it is just because overwatering and overwatering can lead your plant towards the end. Yellow, crispy, or small spots on the water can be because of overwatering or bright sunlight.

So Are You Interested In This Plant?

I hope that you will be Because it’s very cheap and doesn’t need any advance care. So you will not cost too much on this attractive plant.

Is Polka Dot Plant Safe For Pets?

Yes, it is totally safe for pets, and no need to worry if pets are chewing its leaves.