Sometimes you may have noticed shiny and clean leaves of houseplants in your friend’s house or in a nearby nursery. You will also be thinking that how that is possible? The simple answer for this is leaf cleaner or leaf shiners. These shiny leaves are not naturally shiny but these are done by using shiners which make these leaves more beautiful. You may have found beautiful shines leaves in a houseplant shop? It is just because of leaf shiners, which help to attract more people.

In this post at Growncares, we are going to tell you the best way to create your own leaf shiner at home, so you will be able to have some clean and shiny leaves for your own houseplants, as green leaves plant will be looking dirty with dirty leaves as Calathea Maui queen so it’s better to try that.

Why It Is Important To Have Clean Leaves?

If you want to see your plant healthy and good growing, your plants must be having clean and shiny leaves. Dust particles and many other things will stay on the surface of your leaves and will block access to sunlight. In these cases, your plant will get less sunlight and it can show many leaf problems like yellow leaves of pothos and other plants. It affects the photosynthesis process which directly affects the growth of plants. In these cases, the use of natural spray is really good to help the plant. You can also clean the leaves of your house plant even if they are not looking dirty.

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Why We Don’t Need To Use Manufactured Leaf Polish or cleaner?

Every manufactured leaf shiner or cleaner purpose is just to clean plant leaves and to make them more shiner. These types of shiners are used in many local shops of houseplants. If you have noticed these shiners they have clearly mentioned that these shiners are to make your houseplant more beautiful. Surely, these shiners will clean the leaves and will remove all the dust particles.

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Commonly these shiners are made with harsh oils and it also contains a few other chemicals which block the respiration process and also affect the stomata of leaves and all these thing effects plant growth.

It does not make your plants healthy, but it makes the leaves extra shiny, which looks like fake leaves. Will buy such a plant?

How To Prepare Your Own Houseplant Polish At Home?

It is total to make your own leaf polish, It will not just clean your plant leaves but as a result, it will not be effective on other things. A natural house-made shiner or polish will not make your leaves much shinny and it will bring their natural look as a result, it is not having any side effects.

Leaf Shine Or Cleaner Recipe

  • 250ml Clean water
  • 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar
  • 2-3 drops of dish cleaners or washer
  • For more shine, you can use 2-3 drops of coconut oil

Simple mix all these variants in any bottle or in a bowl and your leaf shine spray is ready.

plant leaf shine

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How To Use This Leaf Shine?

After preparing this leaf shiner, you can fill this in a water bottle and can spray it over the leaves of your house plant, or simply dip a piece of cloth and use it. Always clean the leaves with any soft cloth, so it will not damage the leaves.

We don’t recommend you to use one cloth for every plant in your nursery, because many pests can travel and spread more, so it will be better to use a separate cloth for every plant. Simply, if you can’t do that, before using it for another plant clean this cloth in hot water and then use it for the next plant.

Can We Use VInegar As Plant Leaf Cleaner?

Yes, but mix it with water before using it. We recommend using 20% vinegar and 80% water, so it will work better and you will get a good response and will be having shiny leaves.

Never use this leaf shiner for delicate leaves plants, but it is highly suitable for all others. This will clean your plants and it will help your plant to grow easily. So enjoy the gardening with Growncares.