The Peacock plant is just like a peacock that’s why it has a similar same and it’s a very special plant of calathea. Do you know about calathea varieties? If not read our recent calathea varieties guide which can make you happy and you will gain good knowledge.

It’s a very beautiful plant and as a house plant lover, it should be a part of your home garden. Peacock plant have medium-sized leaves with some beautiful green and white variations. It’s a small plant and super easy to manage. That’s why we recommend having this plant in your garden.

Peacock Plant Care Guide

We have a step-by-step process and have mentioned all the needed things which you need to do about caring for this plant and it will be enough to have a healthy plant in your house or garden.


The suitable temperature for this calathea plant is between 65°F and 75°F. You can easily fill this temperature need but in the winter season keep your plant away from windows and doors, so it will be safe and healthy.


As it is a tropical forest plant in Brazil, you Must need to provide medium or bright filtered light as much as you can. To have healthy and bright leaves and a shiny plant light plays a very important role. As a home plant window will be the best place for this plant.


Never let the soil dry and you need to water the plant when the top most layer about 0.5 inches feels dry while your plant will need more water in the growing season and less in winter.


Normal humidity conditions between 50-60% are very good while in case of low humidity a humidifier will be best for this.


The well-drained potting mixture is perfect for this plant and your plant will perform well in such conditions.


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