Today we have a different method to make natural weed killers at your home. It can be used to make your garden weed free and it can be used on different types of surfaces.

Single weed seeds can remain for years in your garden soil, and they will grow again and again. According to modern science and technology, it is true, but mainly our aim is to make our garden safe from such weeds. So here are the best ways to kill all the weeds before they grow more and become bigger. Mostly we pull out the weeds from our garden surface or pots but it is not an easy way. We also use a few different methods to remove them manually but in end, it does not work as needed. We are using different chemicals, homemade mixtures, and different natural weed killers to kill all the weeds from our garden. Some of them can give you better results but today we have the best natural solution to get rid of weeds and it’s all natural.

Does Natural Or HomeMade Weed Killer Have Enough Ability?

Yes, The working processes of homemade weed killers and synthetic herbicides are so different. first, we see synthetic herbicides, which when we spray on the weeds, infiltrate the weed and damage its leaves, roots, and stem and as a result, it killed the weed. on the other hand, the homemade weed killer does not only kill the weeds but burns and spoils the weed and weeds lose the ability to survive more.

Here are three different things to get success through vinegar solution and these all are listed here:

Good Quality Product

We recommend using horticulture vinegar instead of normal kitchen vinegar. We mostly found some homemade weed killers which are made of normal kitchen vinegar which is better for a limited number of weeds but to get rid of weeds totally you should use horticulture vinegar in proper climates conditions to get better results.


Spray your material on weeds on hot summer days, so they will burn down and you can easily get rid of them.


Apply vinegar mixture, again and again, to get rid of more weeds because it takes down a limited amount of weeds every time.

Some Safeties

All types of vinegar are totally acidic and can damage human beings. But the vinegar we will use as a weed killer contains more acidic saturation than normal ones. So, always stay safe, were safety masks and gloves while spraying it on plants. Make sure to remove or cover nearby useable materials. Don’t spray it, when the wind is blowing because it will fly and can damage other things or especially humans.

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How The Vinegar And Salt Can Kill The Weeds?

Vinegar contains acidic acid in it and salt in the weed killers can kill the weeds from your garden and they remove all the moisture from plant foliage. As a result, the foliage will die and the plant will struggle to survive. This whole process will kill down some weeds and will also damage many others which are on the ground.

Vinegar Have The Ability To Kill Weeds For Lifetime?

yes and no also, if your garden has small weeds it means high acidic vinegar can easily control them and it will kill these weeds permanently, but if your garden has some large weeds then it is not going to work. But it will kill the foliage of the plant and it will make it easier to remove these weeds from the soil.
Using this acidic vinegar again and again on your soil will make the soil acidic and it will be hard for plants and weeds to start germination. You can get benefits from this, like using it again and again where you don’t want weeds. But it’s not better to use a lot of vinegar mixture on your soil because it can damage it.

How To Make The Natural Weed Killer At Home?

For making homemade weed killer you must know, how to stir or shake, and here is the step-by-step guide to the whole process

  • Personal protective items must be used such as gloves goggles and a face mask.
  • Vinegar gives us benefits only when we use its amount of about 25% or less than 25%. if you want to use a high concentration of vinegar just like 30 to 45%, then it must be necessary to dilute the vinegar with water by 15 to 25%.
  • Take a spray bottle and mix these items:1 gallon of 15 to 25% vinegar,1/4 cup of orange oil, and 1 cup of table salt.
  • Shake this mixture carefully, but it does not mix completely.
  • You can spray the mixture on the weeds on a sunny and hot day until the mixture started to drop from the leaf tips. one important point is that you have to shake the mixture continuously during the spraying so that it can mix completely.
  • It will show full results in 24 to 36 hours but you can see the partial results just after the initial spray. It also depends on your climate.

we can use this weed killer in our gardens, in our hard acres driveways in the long country, and in all other scaped surfaces. so we mixed up this tone in 3 to 4 gallons and then use it.

We have tried a lot of different formulas and this one works very well for us. We will love to know about your experience with our formula, so let us know in the comment section below, we will love to read them.

Homemade weed killer

Can We Get Rid Of Grass With This?

Yes, it can also burn down any plant in your garden so be safe and try it safely. We hope that it will kill the grass but if it does not kill, surely your grass will not stay well.

What’s The Work Of Salt In This Solution?

Salt is a damage-increasing product. Have you ever gotten hurt? and anciently you put some salt in that place for healing? If yes you can realize this. At first, when we will spray vinegar solution it will damage the weeds and they will get hurt, at the next moment salt will attack those places and will increase the damage. Always use common table salt which is used in different food products and it will work well.

Is It Safe To Dawn And Mix Vinegar?

we often used dawn and dishwashing soaps in the homemade natural weed killers but the question is, whether the use of dawn and dishwashing soaps is safe or not? yes, absolutely it is safe. dawn and dishwashing soaps have some adhesive effects. We have created recipes with different soups and we found that orange soap is better and it also works the same as surfactant does. Orange soap will make a layer on the surface of weeds which will allow all the reactions to stay within limits. You can also try dishwashing soap but surely orange soap is going to work well and it has a better smell than others, we just want to make your garden weed free.

Will Distilled Vinegar Works Against Weeds?

A distilled vinegar just contains 5% acidic conditions and it is not going to work. If you have tried this mixture already, I am sure that you will be disappointed by that. To get rid of weeds we recommend using a 40-50% acidic mixture for better results, and they will prevent weeds for a long time.

Don’t mix it with other things which we have mentioned because it will not work. It can kill 10-20% of weeds but no one will die permanently, so it’s not good to waste your time on such useless things which are not going to work.

Our Recipe is coming at the bottom sections of this article and it just contains 20% of vinegar solution but it will work very well, at the proper time and you will get amazing results.

Pros And Cons Of Homemade Weed Killer

I recommend reading this pro and cones guide before starting to use vinegar in your garden. Everything you use in your garden has pros and cones and here is a list of a few of them:


  • This homemade weed killer has all the natural products in it, which are totally safe and organic. It does not contain any other market-based chemical product which can affect your plants or garden.
  • Our recipe is easy to make, it just contains 3-4 products and you can prepare it super easily in a small, and it’s super easy to use this.
  • It works very fast and early, you will see some good responses in one or two hours, and you will get perfect results in 1 day.
  • It will make your garden free from weeds, or it will at least kill weeds for a few days from your garden and it will be easier to remove them.
  • Using it multiple times, will make your soil acidic and it will be difficult for new weed seeds to grow in acidic soil, so you will be free from them.


  • It is not a solid solution against your garden weeds, it does not have enough power to kill all the weeds but at least it will affect the foliage of the weeds and make them unhealthy and you can easily remove them. For a solid solution, you should apply it again and again to get better results against weeds.
  • I have also entered a pro, that it makes the soil acidic and it is difficult for weeds to regrow. But in the same way, it will affect the plants also and you will see differences in the growth ratio of your plants.
  • Never use this inside a garden bed in any type of soil garden or weather conditions because it is acidic.
  • Vinegar has a strong smell because of acidity, using orange oil will affect this and will make the smell somehow better. But vinegar has a strong smell which can stay for long and it will surely disturb you.
  • You all know that it is a synthetic herbicide but besides this is it dangerous. It contains horticulture vinegar and which is very dangerous, we recommend using safety gloves and such relevant safety elements. Never spray it when air is running or in such unsafe conditions because it can spread more and can damage plants also. Keep it away from the range of children and your beautiful pets.
  • If you have to spray on a large area and you want to do that with more levels of acidity means about 30%, it will surely cost you a lot.

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Is There Any Other Way To Get Rid Of Weeds?

Yes, surely here are the best ways to make your garden safe from weeds, you can apply all of these but read out the instructions carefully before applying them:

Remove Them By Hand

This is the most common and basic method to remove all the weeds from your garden beds. Simply pull out all the weeds using your hand or you can also get help from different tools to take them out and then threw them away at a suitable place for wasting.

Boiling Water

This method will also help you to get rid of weeds, but use it carefully and do all the things safely because this burning water can damage your skin and can also affect the plants.

Use Chemical

The use of chemicals is another solid solution to get rid of them but it can also have some side effects. Surely it is a solid way and will remove all the weeds permanently.

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