Marble queen pothos is very famous due to of variation in its leaves which are like speckles of cream and green color. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of pothos but like other pothos varieties, marble queen don’t grow faster like silver satin pothos or others. But it’s really not hard to care about this plant and I am going to cover all these things in this article.

Marble Queen Pothos Care

Main Points

  • Bright and indirect sunlight
  • Water when needed
  • A best potting mixture

All these things and many other things regarding its care and discussed in the next sections:


Marble queen need bright but indirect sunlight for better growth. It can easily survive with low light, but most people buy it due to its variation in leaves, under low light these variations will lose power, so it is better to provide them bright but indirect sunlight. Many people may not have the required amount of natural light for plants, so in these conditions glow lights are the better option for you.


Don’t water this plant in a schedule, always water when the top of the soil is dry to touch. These conditions will come after 7 days of watering. You can also check moisture level by inserting your finger in the potting mixture, this is the best way to avoid over or less watering. If your plant is showing droopy leaves, it means the plant needs water.


It can survive easily with normal humidity conditions. But the plant will be happy with a little more humidity level if you can. For a better humidity level mist the leaves of the plant because it is a tropical plant and loves humidity. Personally, I use a humidifier to increase humidity in causes of less humidity so it will also be the better choice for you and will be helpful.

Potting Mixture

Like njoy pothos marble queen also likes a well-drained normal potting mixture and you can also use perlite for more drainage.


Pothos plants don’t need fertilizers but they can survive very well without any fertilizers. During the growing season you can use normal house plant fertilizers or any organic compost for better growth, but over fertilizers can also be dangerous, I recommend you to use fertilizers in the growing season after every month.

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Marble Queen


Marble queen pothos will need to be repotted after one or two years. After a long time when plants look unhealthy or unhappy, you should need to repot the plant ( it is my own experience). But this plant doesn’t like root bounding, after a time interval of one or two years its roots will start appearing in drainage holes. So in these conditions, you should need to repot this plant, simply lift your plant aside and give a little hit from the side and the plant will come out of the pot very easily. Now select a long and bigger pot with the best drainage system and it must have a better soil mixture and that’s it now repot your plant.

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Support System

This breed of pothos also has the climbing ability with the help of its natural aerial roots system. Allow your plant to climb more and grow bigger, if the plant is not climbing well you can use a moss pole as support which is my favorite support system. Always moist the moss pole during every water, in this way aerial roots of pothos will also get water.

Plant Cutting or Pruning

Legginess is the most common problem which is found in vining plants, but you should not need to worry about this issue it is because of low natural light and the plant is struggling to reach any bright area. Legginess will be available if you are not using a support system for the plant because the plant will stay strong with the help of any support system.

Remove all the Legginess with the help of a knife or any sharp cutter but never include node in the cutting because node will help the plant to produce new growth. Just cutting is not necessary but also fillup the light requirements of the plant. You can also propagate this cutting and I am going to discuss propagation in the next parts of this article. Also, remove all bad or yellow leaves from the plant, so if your plant is clean from all the extra things now it will grow fast and better.

Problems and Pests


Marble queen never faces any pets attack but in some cases, spider mites or mealybug can attack the plant, Bugs and insects can also be found on this plant. Regularly check the leaves and stem of your plant every week, and if yous pot any pests over the plant make sure to use safe pest killers against these pests.

Green leaves

Green leaves of marble queen pothos are not a problem and it’s a cause of low light. Always try to fill up the light requirements of the plant and used glow lights if you don’t have enough light. You don’t need to be worried about this problem but I am sure the owner will be upset because he lose variations in leaves, it’s just possible by filling light requirements.

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Yellow leaves

Pothos yellow leaves is the most common leave problem for pothos and it’s because of overwatering but low and extra light can also be a reason behind this.

Brown Leaves

An extra amount of fertilizers, too much sunlight, and low water can be simple reasons behind brown and crispy leaves.

Leggy vines

Leggy vines can be because of too little light conditions and read out maintenance section with the care I am sure it will provide you a suitable answer.

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pothos marble queen

Marble Queen Pothos Propagation

Propagation in Water

It’s too easy to propagate this plant in water or in the potting mixture. It can also grow in water but the growing speed will be slower than normal soil.

Get a long cutting with the help of a knife or sharp cutter and make sure to include at least one node in your cutting, and it should also be having some leaves with it.

Fill that glass jar with fresh water and put the cutting in it, but make sure to remove all the leaves which are in the water and change the water after every week. Put the jar in bright sunlight and give proper care. For better humidity levels cover the top of the cutting with the help of any plastic bag. After two weeks your cutting will start appearing some roots under it and when obtaining a length of about 2 inches you can transplant them in your suitable pot.

Propagation In Potting Mixture

For potting mixture take the cutting in the same way ” Get a long cutting with the help of a knife or sharp cutter and make sure to include at least one node in your cutting, and it should also be having some leaves with it. ”

Select a normal size pot and fill it with the best potting mixture, now plant your cutting in it but remove all the leaves which are in the soil. Maintain a better moisture level but don’t keep the soil wet every time. After two or three weeks roots germination will start and you can check this gently with your hand after roots production start treating your marble queen like a plant.

Extra Informations

Is Marble Queen Pothos A Slow Growing Plant?

Yes, as compared to the other varieties of pothos it is a slow-growing plant.

How Big Marble Queen Pothos Can Be?

A slow-growing plant does not mean it will be small but it can grow up to 5-6 feet long if you are using a support system like a moss pole or grow it with a tree.

Snow Queen And Marble Queen Pothos Are Different?

Mostly both these plants are really confusing and look the same but marble queen pothos is having more white color than green but marble queen pothos is having green flecks with white color.

Is Marble Queen Pothos Toxic For Pets?

Yes like other varieties of pothos this one is also toxic for pets so always keep it away from your friends.