Lucky Bamboo plant can help you to feel relaxed and easy while caring for this plant. It is also believed that this plant is a sign of happiness and success, so many people have this plant in their houses and in workplaces. As people are having different mindsets about every plant table kamini plant is also considered very helpful in India. But it’s not the real bamboo it’s totally unique and it looks simple and single, that’s why it’s easy to care for this plant.

Its scientific name is Dracaena sanderiana and it belongs to the Dracaena genus, so it is not bamboo. It belongs to Southeast Asia and it is considered that this plant was discovered about 5000 years back. That’s why this plant is considered a sign of success and happiness and many people gift this plant to others at many special events. Lucky bamboo is a very famous plant mostly in India and it has a beautiful structure with an awesome look. So here at Growncares, Below we are going to discuss its care guide and some tips for you.

You can make flooring out of lucky bamboo just like bamboo is used. Quality Hardwoods of Michigan, an experienced creator and installer of various types of traditional and specialty hardwood flooring, gave us some tips on what to expect from the exotic bamboo floors you see in custom homes. 

Bamboo flooring is made by cutting bamboo stalks into thin strips, which are then glued together to form planks. The planks may be left in their natural color or they may be stained or carbonized to create a different color. Once the planks are formed, they are then milled to create a smooth surface, and a tongue and groove system is added for easy installation. The planks are then dried, sanded and finished with a protective coating to make them durable and resistant to moisture and wear. This type of custom flooring makes for a very exotic look and feel within your home. 

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Please be aware that bamboo flooring comes with some downsides. Excessive moisture or wet areas can cause warping on bamboo floors that are much more noticeable than hardwoods. 

Is Lucky Bamboo An Easy To Care Plant?

Is Lucky Bamboo A Famous Pant In India?

Yes, it is the very famous plant in India and you will spot this plant in almost every office or in homes also because it is considered a lucky plant.

Lucky Bamboo Care


It can’t stay well in bright light, so indirect and required light will make your bamboo plant happy. It can stay well in low light conditions but you will see some less growth but direct sunlight can burn the plant. Select any suitable area where every part of the plant can receive sunlight.


You will get different suggestions from everywhere regarding watering. Most people say that they frequently change the water and many say that there is no need to change the water. I mostly change the water between 45-60 days and my plant stays happy and well.

Make sure that your water is covering the roots of the plant very well and add some water after 2 days to fill the requirements. Water can start smelling after a few days, so it’s better to change the water.

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Mineral water is suitable and you can use purified water instead of hard tap water. If you are using tap water and the plant is showing some small brown dots so prevent such water. Purified water is suitable and it is not going to cost more than 2 dollars for one month and you will see good results.

Best Container Size For Lucky Bamboo

Have you grown it in a dish or a medium like that? If yes make sure that there is an extra 1-inch gap from the wall of the dish, so plant roots can spread easily. I have grown my lucky bamboo in a medium-size dish around 2 years back and now its roots are crawling with each other, so I decided to shift my plant to a large size dish. Select a tray that can handle about 3 inches of water and all the roots of the plant are easily covered in water.

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I am having my bamboo plants for more than 2 years but I have never fertilized them, if you see that plants need fertilizers then Super Green fertilizers are suitable to use in water.


Lucky bamboo plants can have mealybugs and spider mites over them continue to check and verify if you spot anyone. In recent two years, I don’t spot any pests over my plant but kept and eye on the plant and take action on time.

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What To Avoid?

Here are the few steps which you don’t have to do with this plant:

  • Hard tap water is not safe so it’s better to use purified water.
  • Make sure that the roots of the plant are covered with water
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight
  • The extra water level is not good for the plant, just cover the roots.
  • Keep it away from cold places or different appliances like AC and cooler.
  • Always clean the leaves of the plant when they look dirty.