Let’s enjoy gardening. In this post at growncares, we are going to explain how you can make a DIY moss wall in any type of frame. It may be your dream, is it? It is really simple to do that, you need a few things which are listed here:

  • A Frame of any material
  • Backing it is mostly available with frames
  • Moss
  • Glue
  • Or any hardware if you want to hang it at any place

If you can’t do that all, it will be better to buy its kit from the market and after this start preparing. This market-based kit will be having all these materials but you have to buy glue.

If you are going to work with your own supplies then you will definitely choose a moss that is preserved. It will be more effective because there is no need to worry about water requirements and water damage to the frame. Preserved mosses are available easily in hardware stores or you can buy them online. Simply choose your beautiful color according to frame color or your personal liking and disliking.

If you have grown some plants you will be surely in the love with beautiful plants so you can also have some beautiful plants like Caladium and many more.

Setup Everything

If you have all the required things then now you can start the need process. Find any suitable flat area like a table or floor can be suitable. Always be careful about air and before starting place a paper peace below the frame. It will be helpful for you, after completing the process you don’t have to clear the waste just take this paper.

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Ready Yourself

Before starting preparation, wear good gloves and also take good quality glue which is easily available. Gloves are necessary because you can be infected by glue or a moss pole can be difficult to handle without gloves.


In the next step, just move forward and start the lovely design of your creation. Pick the moss and place it on the frame. An adhesion will form the bond. Before placing, you can make a visual plan that how to work with different pieces of moss. They will act as a puzzle.

Your Wall Is Ready

After following all the steps up, your moss wall will be ready and you can hang it on a wall or at any suitable place. Surely you will be happy to see that and after following the same steps you can make the whole wall beautiful. So enjoy gardening and such fun with Growncares.