Plants are always easy to care for, if you are in love with plants then this process will be
easy and understandable for you. In this article, we will discuss how to grow Sativa marijuana
outdoors, in a few easy steps. Growing Sativa outside will take less effort and you will have a
tall, healthy, and good plant, as compared to growing Sativa indoors.


Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis sativa and it
belongs to the Hemp genus. You can also see white and green flowers in the summer
season at Sativa marijuana, while in the winter season plants will grow slower and no flowers will
be found.

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Sativa Marijuana Care Guide

Area Selection

The basic thing is to select a suitable place for your plant where it can get good required

nutrients and grow better and well. We recommend a place where the temperature is
suitable and plants get most of the indirect light, all this is mentioned below in basic and
small steps, which are understandable. All the flowers on this plant are unisexual and you can
have both male and female Sativa in your garden.


The suitable temperature range is 20-30 °C but it can survive under some cool
conditions. This is a suitable temperature for daytime, which means that the temperature will be
down at night, so night conditions below 15 °C are not good for plant growth and health.


Simply, placing this plant where it can get indirect light for 5 hours every day and
direct light for 1-2 hours is also good for the plant. My own plant is getting almost 6
hours of indirect sunlight and I have placed it under a big plant in my garden. Extra
time to get indirect sunlight can affect the growth of plants and plant leaves’ color
can change.


At normal temperatures, you can water plants once a week, but understand the
soil conditions to water again. If the top layer of soil is dry to the touch, then you should
water the plant. While on some hot days you can water about 2 times a week.


We recommend adding a 30% perlite mixture to the soil, it’s not expensive and
you can get it from any gardening shop near you. It makes the soil more fertile and a
suitable medium for root growth. The main reason for using this medium is to have
healthy soil that will be less soggy. Root rot can be a major cause of plant death and it happens, because of water and soil issues.


Organic fertilizers are recommended and you can use different compost
(which you make yourself, or buy from nearby plant shops). Otherwise, using
an NPK mixture is good for the better health of any Marijuana.


Is Cannabis sativa a Herb?
Yes it’s an annual herb, which can grow well for the whole year but you will see
flowers in just the summer season.
How Long Does Sativa Marijuana Grow Outdoors?
As an outdoor plant, this plant can grow about 10 feet.

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