Growing plants indoors is always amazing and you can grow Sativa indoors to have a
beautiful plant in your garden which can also have some beautiful flowers in the summer
season and your home garden will be more beautiful. As an indoor plant, you can monitor it
easily and can fill temperature and light needs manually.


Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis sativa and it
belongs to the Hemp genus. You can also see white and green flowers in the summer
season at Sativa marijuana, while in the winter season plants will grow slower and no
flowers will be found. We have mentioned it also in our article about How To Grow Sativa
Marijuana outdoors.

Sativa Marijuana Care Guide

Area Selection

This is suitable as a window plant and you will be able to manage temperature, humidity, and
light needs easily. Choose such a window, where plants can get about 6-8 hours of indirect
sunlight every day and the temperature remains normal as recommended below.

Pot Selection

As an indoor plant, you must have a pot in which your plant roots can grow freely and it is
good for plant growth. We recommend using plant-size pots and as the plant grows, you can
repot it in a new pot that is suitable and repeat this process after every single or two years.


As growing outdoors you need almost the same temperature for your plant
which is about 20-30 °C and we don’t recommend taking the temperature below 20
because it is not good for growth and the better health of your plant.


As an indoor plant, you need to provide about 6 hours of indirect sunlight and
that’s why a window is the best place where it can get optimum light. You can also
put it in any open place where it can receive 1-2 hours of direct light but indirect
sunlight is enough for plant growth.
If in a specific season, the temperature becomes cooler, and you are unable
to provide the required amount of sunlight, then use glow lights which can also make
a bit of a rise in temperature and the plant will also receive the required light.


Water after monitoring the soil conditions, you can use your finger to monitor
the soil conditions. Insert your finger in the soil and if the top layer feels dry, you
should water the plant. Mostly on hot days, you have to water about 2 times a day.
While, in the cool winter season, single watering is enough for plant growth.


Your pot soil mixture is vital when you are growing a plant indoors. We
recommend using about 30% perlite mixture and mixing it with normal gardening soil
(you can get or access both these things from your nearby gardening shop).


Whenever you repot your plant use a cup of organic fertilizers or NPK
the mixture, you can also use liquid fertilizers which can help you to see beautiful flowers
on your plant and shiny leaves.

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Is It Easy To Grow It As An Indoors Plant?
It’s super easy to grow indoors, because if you have any other plant in your
house, then this plant needs almost the same care as many other indoor plants, and it
will be easy to manage.

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