Are you interested in growing plants outdoors? This means you want to have a long, big, and
healthy plant in your garden which can increase the beauty of the backyard. Such flowering
and long-growing plants are more suitable as these weeds plants are easy to care for like
many other weeds such as jack herser, bubba kus, and blue dream. This article is going to
be all about growing Indica marijuana outdoors.


Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis Indica and it
belongs to the Hemp genus. Like other plants of marijuana, you can also see some flowers
on this plant also. As this plant is having a short growing period, you will see a lot of flowers
in the summer season and you will be able to see flowers for 6-7 weeks which is very short as
compared to Sativa.
If you have already read out the article about how to grow Indica marijuana outdoors, then
you may know all the details mentioned in the about section.

Indica Marijuana Care Guide

Area Selection

Do you have a sunny spot on your balcony or in the backyard? Then this plant is highly
recommended to grow and you can have a healthy and beautiful plant in your backyard. As
an outdoor plant, you don’t have control over temperature and weather but the plant can do
well if you fill all the needed requirements of the plant, which are mentioned below.


Like all other types of marijuana, it needs almost the same temperature from
20-25 °C in case, your temperature can touch below 15 so it can affect the proper
growth of plants and you can see some changes in the leaf’s color.


This plant is just in love with direct sunlight and provides about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight
every day and you will see a very growth boost in the growing season of 8 weeks.


Check the soil manually, insert your finger and if the top 1 inch of the soil
looks dry then you should water the plant. If the top layer is looking dry to see then
you can water it before checking it manually.
Prevent overwatering or in case of overwatering your plant can die because
of root rot.


we recommend mixing perlite and coco pet in your normal gardening soil, so the plant soil
will become more suitable and well-drained so you will hardly face any over-watering
problems and that’s a good sign.


You must need to provide organic compost. Do you know how to make
organic compost (read out the guide and make it simple at your home). Or you can
use NPK in the growing season also.

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How Long Indica Can Grow As An Outdoors Plant?
Mostly, plant size is about 2-4 feet but on your care conditions it can grow up
to 5 feet and you will have a powerful plant in such cases.

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