Growing Indica outdoors and indoors, are different and have different benefits of growing at
different mediums. As an indoor plant, it will not grow a lot bigger and it will easily fit in your
room or house. It’s easy to manage it indoors and you will see some beautiful flowers which
will boost the beauty of your house.


Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis Indica and it
belongs to the Hemp genus. Like other plants of marijuana, you can also see some flowers
on this plant also. As this plant is having a short growing period, you will see a lot of flowers
in the summer season and you will be able to see flowers for 6-7 weeks and its very short as
compared to Sativa.

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Area Selection

You can easily grow it near your doors or open windows where it can get some direct
sunlight also, and the temperature does go a lot high or low. All these details are mentioned
below so you can understand the needs from there.

Pot Selection

Plant size pot is recommended and you can repot it after every year and replace it with the
next size pot in which plant roots can grow freely.


As an indoor plant required temperature range is between 20-25 °C and a
temperature below 15 can affect the growth, health, and leave colors of the plant. As
an indoor plant, it will be easy to manage and maintain optimum temperature.


This plant likes direct sunlight and chooses a spot where it can get about 3-4
hours of direct sunlight and indirect sunlight about 3-4 hours. Your plant can do well
in such conditions and you will see optimum growth.
On cool days, you will get less light, so plants can also survive under glow lights on such


Check the soil manually, insert your finger and if the top 1 inch of the soil
looks dry then you should water the plant. If the top layer is looking dry to see then
you can water it before checking it manually.
Prevent overwatering or in case of overwatering your plant can die because
of root rot.


Your pot mixture is the next important thing, use a well-drained potting mixture for better
watering conditions we recommend mixing perlite and coco pet in your normal gardening


Use organic fertilizers in your potting mix and while repotting your plant. We
recommend using liquid fertilizers just in the growing season of 6-7 weeks which can
help your plant to produce more flowers in a short period of time. For better growth,
your potting mixture is enough but you can also use an NPK mixture.


Is Indica Stronger than Sativa?
Yes, Because mainly Indica strains are more powerful than Sativa so surely it
is stronger.

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