Basil is a sweet and spicy herb and every Gardner don’t grow this and you will not find it in many gardens. Today we are going to explain how you can how to grow basil from seeds in simple and easy ways.

Basil is also one of the first herbs which every Gardner wants to grow in their pots. It belongs to the mint family and all the herbs of the mint family are really sweet and spicy, and easy to grow it is also considered a medical herb.

You can also visit any local garden and can grow basil from single cutting in some easy steps, but here we are going to explain to you a step-by-step guide to grow basil from seeds, and here are many reasons behind this. The plant will be healthy and it will not be having any diseases you can grow different varieties like Lime Basil, Dark Purple Basil, and many other varieties. This way your home garden will be having multiple basil varieties and it will look very beautiful.

Why I Have To Grow Basil?

You already know that basil is really delicious and can be used in different vegetables. Furthermore, it’s also used in bundles of dishes like salads, pesto, sauces, pizza, sandwiches, plus many more.

Do you know that Basil can also save your garden? It’s not just a sweet plant but no pests can attack them due to its leaves. So you can grow multiple plants near a basil pot and they will be safe from pests. In this way, grow multiple varieties of basil at different places in your house garden for protection.

Which variety should you grow?

Multiple varieties of basil are available which are having different tastes and colors, so it will be good to grow multiple varieties in your garden. Like if you want better basil which can be used in tomato sauce then Genovese or sweet basil is better.

Do you want to grow different other varieties of basil? We have a list of some best basil varieties which you should grow:

  • Purple Ruffles Basil: Its name explains everything like its purple color with ruffled edges leaves. It’s having traditional basil flavor and is a solid part of the salad.
  • Lemon Basil: It is having lemony taste and it is mostly grown in Southeast Asian countries.
  • Siam Queen Thai Basil: It’s mostly used in curry, pad Thai and in many other dishes. This variety is having beautiful flowers over it which are loved by pollinators.
  • Cinnamon Basil: This cinnamon and licorice flavor variety can be used in many dishes.
  • Dark Purple Opal Basil:┬áThis variety will look really beautiful in your garden. It’s having beautiful dark purple leaves which almost look black.
  • Holy Basil (Tulsi): This is a medical herb that is used in many medicines furthermore it’s better to reduce stress.

If you are growing purple ruffles basil or dark purple opal basil don’t if some plants are germinating green, they will become purple with time. Sometimes leaves are all not totally purple, it’s because of the genetic problem but doesn’t worry still it will taste great.

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Should I Need To Grow Basil From Seeds Or Cuttings?

If are in rush, and want to grow basil in your instantly, it’s better to find some basil plants in nearby gardens and easily grow them in your house garden. But if you want to grow beautiful and different varieties of basil, it is better to find their seeds and then plant them.

Is It Difficult To Grow Basil From Seeds?

No, You can grow basil easily from seeds and it will start germination faster. If you still have not grown any plant or herb from seeds, so it’s better to take start with basil.

Is It Necessary To Soak Basil Seeds Before Planting?

Yeap, You can soak basil seeds before growing them. But during our tests or experiments, we have found equal germination in both ways, so it’s not necessary.

What’s The Best Time To Plant Basil?

Basil is an annual plant and it can survive the whole year, but the best time to plant basil is after winter days. It can’t germinate in cold weather so it’s better to plant the basil after 10 days of winter according to your area.

Best Way To Plant Basil Seeds

You don’t require any type of extraordinary knowledge or anything difficult plus you don’t need any tool to do that.

Medium To Grow

Basil seedling can be done easily in normal potting trays. Make sure that your selected potting trays are in good condition.

Seedling Process And Soil Mixture

A normal potting mixture can be used for the seedling process. Put at least two seeds in a single pot of try about 0.25 inches deep in the soil and cover it softly.

More Care

Make sure to put the tray at an optimum temperature between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit and also maintain a good moisture level. If you will fill up all these conditions then germination will start within five or six days. After a few days, the seedlings will start producing some leaves and whenever true leaves will be up to 6 leaves, it will be better to cut the top of the plant, in this way the plant will expand more and will grow fastly.

When a plant will be bigger and it will be having many leaves and branches, it will be better to transplant it into a bigger container and fill up all of its requirements.

How To Grow Basil From Cuttings?

This method is really simple, First of all, get a cutting from the main plant and always take a cutting next to a leaf node. Fill up a glass with water and put the cuttings in it. Make sure to change the water after every seven days and in these good conditions cutting will start producing roots within 7-10 days. When you will see some new roots appearing, it’s the best time to move your cutting in the best pot with a good potting mixture. This is a better way to expand your basil variety and at a time 5 cuttings can be taken from a normal plant.

How To Grow Basil

Best Place For My Plant

First of all, provide direct bright sunlight and the soil mixture will be well-drained. Basil can also be grown directly in your garden soil but it will take a long time about 2 months to get ready for first harvesting. Put The plant in any open place or where you find more pests attack.

After How Long Time Basil Will Be Ready?

After the sowing process, plants will be ready to transplant within two weeks and they will be ready for the first harvest after two months or maybe less.

How Long A Basil Plant Can Survive?

Basil can survive for about two years but if you will provide proper care it can stay more.

What Are Some Best Plants To Grow With Basil?

It’s really effective against pests attack and helpful in pollination attraction that’s why many gardeners are getting good benefits from this plant. Garden folklore says that if you will grow tomatoes with basil, the taste of both the plants will be improved but it’s not verified. Basil will also grow very well with tomato and both the plant products are used in salad. It can also be grown with different house plants and it will protect them from pests.

Best plants to Grow with Basil


It’s really easy to take care of basil as you know that the more you will harvest it will produce more and more. Most of the plants don’t harvest it from the top but if you want to see more bushes in your plants it’s necessary to cut the top of the plant in the summer season.

Basil doesn’t need fertilizers f your soil is having rich nutrients and it contains different natural fertilizers. But if your plant leaves are not looking healthy so you can use fertilizers to make them better.

How Can We Harvest Basil?

It is really simple to harvest basil from plants. You can cut down some leaves of the plant according to your need or you can also cut a specific branch of the plant. No Need to w8 for a specific time but you are allowed to harvest leaves when you need. Furthermore, you can freeze extra leaves in an ice tray and it can be used later.

How to grow Basil from seeds

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Basil mostly remains free from trouble because it’s having the ability to be safe from pests. But here we are having some main troubles which can be found on basil plant:

  • Slugs and snails: Slug will first attack the leaves of the basil plant and then it can attack other parts and it can be controlled by different easy methods.
  • Aphids: Most common attack on the basil plants is by aphids and it will affect the leaves of the plant. It can be easily controlled with the help of neem oil and insecticidal soap.
  • Japanese beetles: It will also attack the basil leaves and you can easily remove them with your hands or by using neem oil.