OG Kush is the bread of indica and many other strains of indica including Afghan Kush, Hindu
Kush, Green Kush, and Purple Kush. Hybrid strains of C. indica include Blueberry Kush and
Golden Jamaican Kush. This article is going to be all about How to grow & care for OG Kush


Biotechnically, this plant is known as OG Kush Cannabis and it
belongs to the Hemp genus. Like other plants of marijuana, this plant can also grow some
amazing and beautiful flowers and you will surely love, this. You can grow OG Kush indoors
and outdoors and the care process is almost the same (If you already have any marijuana
then this will be simple and easy for you).
All these things are similar to the growing guide of indica because it’s a strain of indica.

OG Kush Marijuana Care Guide

Area Selection

A sunny spot that can receive direct and indirect light is highly suitable. As an indoor plant,
you can place it near the window as an outdoor plant, it will be better to place it under a big
shady tree. Make sure your area fills in all the details mentioned below.


The temperature range is almost the same for other varieties of marijuana as
indica it needs a temperature range between 20-25 °C a bit higher or lower temperature
will be okay but it can stop the growth of the plant.
If you are growing OG Kush indoors, you will be able to manage the temperature
manually by different methods and as an outdoor plant it can be challenging.


Direct sunlight is needed for a few hours (1-3) Hours will be enough while indirect light about
(4-6) will be good for plant growth. I hope you will manage everything while growing it
outside, but as an indoor plant, you can easily fill this need by providing artificial light through
glow lights.


You must need to water this plant two times a week on hot days, while on cool
days you need to water single time a week. You can water whenever the top layer of
the soil feels dry to the touch.


Your soil is a very important thing for any plant, a well-drained potting mixture will prevent
overwatering and it will save your plant from death because of root rot. We recommend
mixing about 30% of perlite with your normal gardening soil.


You must need to provide organic compost. Do you know how to make
organic compost (read out the guide and make it simply at your home). Or you can
use NPK in the growing season also.
It is the same fertilizers need as it’s for growing indica.


Is It Better Growing OG Kush Indoor Or Outdoors?
If your outdoor area fills all the needs then there is nothing better than
growing outdoors. But growing plants indoors will be easy to manage.

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