Slugs and mostly found in every garden and surely you will be worried about them because it’s eating your garden plants. Here in this article at Growncares, we are going to explain how to get rid of slugs in natural ways.

Mostly in the spring season when you grow some seeds and then a few small plants are germinating, but sadly next morning all the plants are gone or small flowers of fruit plants because of slugs. I passed through this phase when I was new in this field and that’s really heartbreaking. You will also know that slugs produce natural fertilizers through worms which is really helpful for plants, but we will show how we can control the population of slugs which will not be effective on our plants.

Which Thing Attracts The Slugs In The Garden?

The main reason or point which attracts the slugs towards gardens in wet soil. Slugs will help to dry soil quickly and it loves to eat and enjoy.

Mulching increases the population of slugs because we use it to maintain temperature and to maintain the best moisture level. This provides highly suitable conditions for slugs and their population starts to increase. If you have seen an increase in the population of slugs it means don’t put mulch more on the soil.

How Slugs Damage The Garden?

It mostly eats every kind of foliage. Some newly germinated nurseries and new growing flowers and leaves are the main damaging point of slugs. It also damages soft leaves and fruits like strawberries. You have most spotted it on your strawberry fruit. Do you?

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Are Slugs Useful?

Slugs are not totally harmful to your garden but an average or required population of slugs will not be dangerous. It decomposes debris and converts it into useful fertilizers with work as a fertilizer for your plants. But different animals like frogs and birds eat slugs as natural food for them.

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Which Things do Will Keep Slugs Away From Garden?

As always, instead of finding solutions against such diseases or pests, keeping your garden safe from them will be better. It is better than finding a solution against them. There are bundles of ways to prevent slugs from your garden and you can try any one which suits you, Here we have mentioned a few ones:

does slug eat plants

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Through A Barrier

Slugs have soft and sensitive bodies and they just move on suitable surfaces and will never roll on any hard surface. So barriers will come to your mind at first, They will prevent slugs away from your plants. Use a barrier around every plant, in this way slugs will just give you benefits by composting the wastes.

 Coffee grounds, wood ashes, and sand will work best, spread any one of them around your plant, so slugs will never like to move on them. Otherwise, you can use a copper wire and place it on the ground around your plants, whenever any rolling body like slugs will touch the wire they will get a small sock.

By Removing Garden Debris

Whenever your garden will get dirt, you will be interested to remove derbies from your gardens like leaves and many other wastes. Slugs don’t just live in derbies but they lay eggs in them, so slugs will not be overpopulated.

Grow More Natural Predators

Ground beetles love slugs as food and when you will increase the number of natural predators plants in your garden, it will also increase the number of Ground beetles and it will eat bundles of slugs. This thing will work to remove other insects also as mealybugs and a lot more.

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs

You may have tried synthetic pesticides to get rid of slugs. But do you that there are bundles of natural ways against them? You can easily get rid of slugs by using the different natural methods listed here:

Manually Remove The Slugs

If you have spotted a few slugs on plants, so you can easily remove them manually. Wear gloves on your hand and catch them one by one. Fill up a small basket with soap water and put all the extra slugs in it, it will kill all those slugs instantly. Or you can also shift them towards any area where birds and animals like frogs can eat them.

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Grapefruit Traps

Grapefruits attract more slugs and it will help you to remove extra slugs in a simple way. Eat half fruit like orange and place it in your garden, where you have spotted many slugs. After the night early morning you will see bundles of slugs attached to your fruit, simply pick them and through them far away from your garden.

Trap Through A Plant

As mentioned earlier slugs love plants which are having soft leaves and they stay on that plant. Mostly I use the strawberry plants against slugs, Bundles of slugs come to eat the strawberry plant and in the end, I have to sacrifice my plant, but if you don’t want to do that you can read different methods discussed next. Also, try the natural bug and insect repellent method which can work on this.

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Can We Use Organic Pesticides To Get Rid Of Slugs?

Badly, if all the methods mentioned above don’t help you against slugs then you should need to try natural pesticides against them. Sluggo is the most common and effective organic pesticide against slugs, it affects the gut of slugs because it’s made of iron phosphate and affected slugs will die in one or two days.

After trying all the solutions, if you don’t get success then use iron phosphate. Its attract pets and can make your garden safe from them, but it can toxic for pets so keep your pet’s friends away.