Fungal gants can damage and stop the growth of your plant but this post about how to get rid of fungal gants will help you a lot. Plant repoting is an important step in plant growth. We are covering all the steps of plant repotting. I hope you are getting useful information related to plant health. Do you know how you can get rid of this? Don’t worry, in this post at growncares, we are going to discuss all its prevention and care.

In the first step, we will cover the treatment of fungus gnats because that’s the knowledge you are searching for. In the next step, we will cover how we can recognize and prevent our plants from this disease.

Fungus gnats may be less harm full for your plant but they may worry you in the end. However, it may be damaging or harmful if it is controlled at the proper time. Its immature stages like a large number of larvas may damage your plant roots in the soil. It will definitely cause the stunting growth of your plant. Because of these reasons take the action at the proper time and treat the disease.

Ingredients and Treatment

Gnats may spread from one plant to another, so first of all, remove the infected plants. It’s time to get started and treat your plant from this defect. Let’s discuss the guidelines that what ingredients you need and how to use them?

It destroys the larvae which are hiding in the soil and damages the roots. You must have a stock of a few bottles for immediate use. It is flooded with the irrigated water of your plant. We have also used it to destroy the soil fungus gnats.

Can Anything Kill Fungal Gants Instantly?

yes, Hydrogen peroxide can instantly kill fungal gants but use it in a proper way with water mixture. It is also discussed in detail below.

Hydrogen peroxide

How to use It?

Use 750ml of water and mix it with 250ml of3% hydrogen peroxide solution and now water your plants with this mixture. You can repeat the treatment if it is needed but give attention to your plant condition from time to time. Use it one time every week or you can apply it again to the situations.

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Use of Neem oil:

It prevents the plant leaves because it destroys or kills the bugs around the leaves of the plant (Its smell may disturb you), neem is not just used for fungal gants but it’s also a part if you have read our mealybugs related article.

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Castile soap

It also helps to control the bugs which cause defects around the plant leaves.

How to Use It?

Add 1 teaspoon of castile soap and 2 teaspoons of neem oil to a special spraying bottle. Now mix up all these ingredients in a water bottle and shake it very well. Before its complete use, test it in different plants and on their small portions of leaves. If everything is ok, spray the solution on the undersides of plant and surfaces of the leaf with additional use on stems also. Little crevices in the soil will be helpful. To get completely rid of the problem use it after a couple of days and note the situation.

Important note:

You should be careful while treating the plants with ingredients. No need to be overboard and be gentle in application. I observe a lot of measurements in my first doze and apply a little heavy in the next spray. As I observed, some of your plants may feel unhappy. In fact, an orchid plant was killed but it is recovering back. So stay alert in case of any disease or its treatment.

I apply a couple of treatments to infected plants and observe their control. I noted that the problem had been controlled but some gnats were staying there. But they were not enough to damage the plant and in the end problem was resolved completely.

If I did feel or look at any strange issue with any of my plants. Simply, I just separate it from all others until it attains its complete health. But I feel happy to report it after some days because a few sessions of treatment were enough to make it healthy.

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How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats

Recognition of Fungal Gnats

Fungal gnats are recognized for their long legs and appearance just like the small mosquitoes. In case of visual observation if you notice small size flies, flying and hanging around the plant and landing on the soil ( opposite to fruit flies which were restricted to the kitchen and around the produce) just like a symbol of fungal gnat infection.

During this time I have to move many times from place to place, a large number of my plants were grouped together in the same box for a day or more. Small plants were mingled among the large ones. So, it was very difficult to recognize the diseased plant from these groups.

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Later on, I saw some bugs over the soil in some grouped plants. I also observe soma little gnats were flying around and over the plants. Finally, I make the decision and treat all the plants that were grouped together to get more safe health.

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How do prevent plants from fungal gnats?

  • The first step to fighting a pest I to control it before its arrival. Let’s discuss some ways to prevent plants from pests and fungus gnats:
  • A healthy plant is the first and most important condition. Its health and strongness are maintained by proper care. Week plant is on the edge of pest attack. Pests always sense weak, unhealthy, and dying plants.
  • Always trust the reliable resources from where you have purchased before or choose those which have the best reviews. Keep the things on the notice, because there risk factors may exist in bringing the plant from another place to your home.
  • Use clean soil because outdoor or contaminated soil will definitely cause some problems.
  • Inspections of new plants that come into your home from other places.
  • It’s good to quarantine your new plant when it comes home.
  • Clean the pots because we may have used them for other plants.

By applying our complete guide process your plants can be safe from all of these diseases and it will also help you a lot, do you have any other diseases like mealybugs and slugs read out our How to get rid of slugs guide. Keep reading growncares and learn great stuff about gardening.