Garlic is in few of the most common products which are used in our house for cooking purposes. In everyday cooking, we use garlic in different dishes and the average cost for a single dish is about 2-3 cloves of garlic, and we use about 2-3 heads of garlic every week which are cooked to increase the quality of dishes and can be used in many dishes.

You can also store garlic for a long time and whenever I visit the market to buy garlic, I mostly thought that how many cloves are in it.

Whenever you visit any supermarket and when you will buy a head or bulb of garlic, and when you will break it, it will spread into multiple small pieces or segments which are called cloves. If you will know how many cloves are in a head of garlic then you will also know how much garlic you are needed for a week or month. Before using garlic you have to remove a dry layer from every clove of garlic and then it will be ready to use.

Remember that every garlic head will not be having the same number of cloves in it. It depends on many factors like garlic varieties and their growing conditions. You can also store garlic for later use as we store winter squash.

Most Common Garlic varieties are having about 7-8 cloves in them but some rare or uncommon varieties can be having more or fewer cloves in them.

How Much Garlic Is Enough?

If you have not used garlic for any cooking purpose you may be thinking that garlic bulb or head and clove are the same things. But you will clearly understand the difference and garlic gives an incredible and powerful taste to your food. Eating too much garlic also have some side effects so its better using a reasonable amount of garlic which is better for taste and health.

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Tips To Avoid Using Too Much Garlic

Many people are using an extra amount of garlic in different dishes. Such people have a lot of garlic in their kitchens which is affecting the taste and quality of your dish. If you will use less amount of garlic cloves, surely food will be tastier, an extra amount of garlic will not make the taste better but it can give a bad taste.

You can use a single or half clove of garlic in a dish because some varieties of garlic are stronger than others. All of you will have used Chinese garlic which is also known as imported garlic is less tasty than common or your own grown garlic.

It really hard the explain the number of cloves in the head of garlic due to the multiple varieties. Every head of garlic can be having a different number of cloves but mostly, the same varieties of garlic are not having the same number of cloves. Most of the garlic which we grow in our house yard or we buy from different supermarkets will be having 8-11 cloves in a single head or bulb.

How Much Garlic Powder Is equal To a Clove of had?

Most people use garlic in the shape of power and according to my experience, one clove of garlic is about 12-15% of your teaspoon.

How Much mg Is In A Clove Of Garlic?

Every single clove of garlic has about 3mg of garlic and it can vary depending on the size of clove.