Haworthia is a succulent houseplant and many people compare this plant with aloes. Both of these are members of the Asphodeloideae family and I don’t think how people are confused about these.

Harworthia is a small and very slow-growing plant instead of aloe. You don’t need to be worried about this plant care because surprisingly it can survive for more than seven days without water in normal soil conditions.

Are you interested in growing succulent plants? After haworthia hoya bella and zz plant are perfect to grow.

Varieties Of Harowthia Plants

Still, on 16 January 2022 more than 60 varieties of Harowthis species are discovered with more than 150 different varieties. Here we have listed some of them:

Haworthia attenuatais

This is the most common and classic harworthia plant it’s having rosette type thick leaves.

Haworthia fasciata

Its also known as  Zebra Aloe with small thick leaves which are curled inside and look beautiful.

Haworthia cooperi

It’s having beautiful bubble-like leaves and locally it’s known as a lantern.

Haworthia Care Guide


It can survive in various light conditions but direct sunlight can damage the plant. Direct sunlight will change the color of leaves or the leaves of plants will look ugly. If your plant is showing such spots make sure to transfer this plant towards a shady place where it can get low light as compared to the old spot. But keeping your plant too long under much shady area will give damage to the plant. In such conditions, the plant will show some dark green leaves and the plant will become lanky and loos its beauty, in these conditions shift your plant towards a bright area.

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Normal temperature is suitable here but in the cool winter season place, this plant under natural temperature conditions like in guest rooms. Where it will get natural temperature but change the location of the plant or move it toward a warmer place if the temperature is getting lower than 3-degree Celcius.

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As a surviving plant, this beautiful plant needs water a single time every month. But in the warm season, from time to time watering is good according to the conditions. After watering your plant wait until the soil gets dry and allow it to stay dry for a few days before watering again. It can easily bear low watering conditions but overwatering will invite different diseases like root rot. Never allow water to stay in the pot and remove water from the pot in these conditions.


No need to worry about humidity because this plant will stay very well and happy under normal humidity conditions which are required for most of the other houseplants.


Feed the Haworthia plant occasionally or when it needs. It’s enough to feed a maximum of 3 times in a single year. But you can feed big and fast-growing plants more as compared to small and slow-growing plants.

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Repotting Harowthia

Harowthia normally takes too long to fill up all the pots with roots or it doesn’t need repotting for a long time.

Sometimes clump will grow too much it will move aside or fall down toward a side means it needs repotting. For repotting select the next size pot and always select the same soil mixture but you can add perlite mixture to it for best drainage conditions.

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When you are going to repot the plant make sure to separate small babies of the plant which you will grow later. At first, make sure that your select baby’s plant is having roots with it and use any sharp cutter or knife and get a cutting from the closest possibility of the plant. Mostly you will don’t need any cutter because these babies will be connected very softly and will be disconnected with a little effort.

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At first wait, for about 1 day, and in this time your offset will get a little dry and then plant it in the best cactus potting mixture and water well.

Does Harowthia Flowers?

Yes, it’s a flowering plant and you will see beautiful flowers at the top of every long stem if you have treated the plant very well. But you will just see flowers in the summer season, if your plant is also flowering let us know below in the comments.

How Long It Can Be?

The normal plant height is about 608 inches and the flower will be at top of this.

This is a small plant in height and it will spread and cover some area. This plant will produce more babies which is best to grow your garden in easy ways and enjoy with Growncares.