Dracaena is having more than 100 different plant and shrub varieties. It’s a big growing plant but you can easily control the growth of this plant by removing the top portion of the plant. New leaves of the plant will appear from the cut and under the proper care of sunlight, water, and humidity your plant will grow better and stay healthy.

Its propagation is also possible through its cutting in different ways as it works for the Syngonium Propagation. It is a famous plant and it grows very well indoors and outdoor under proper care conditions.

Dracaena Care Guide


Different varieties of this plant have different requirements but indirect and good sunlight will work very well for any plant. But direct sunlight can burn the leaves and it can also affect the growth of your plant.


A potting mixture with a fast drainage system will work very well for dracaena. Are you buying this plant from the market? It can be in any different or unsuitable potting mixture so try to add a well-drained mixture with proper soil selection.


The suitable temperature for this plant starts from 65℉ and a lower temperature will surely damage your plant. First, make sure to maintain suitable temperature conditions, and in the cold winter season keep your plant away from doors and windows.


At first, It doesn’t need a lot of water for survival. But you should need to give a little water when the soil looks dry. If you are using a good pot whose length is more than 6 inches make sure that half of the pot is looking dry. Salty and mineral water is not suitable and we recommend using rainwater. Overwatering can bring root rot issues which will kill your plant and you will be sad.


It will love higher humidity conditions mostly in summer it requires the best humidity conditions. A humidifier will work very well for such plants which need higher humidity mostly in summers.


We mostly don’t fertilize this plant for better growth you can use different fertilizers. My favorite one for this plant is a dilute the liquid mixture and always use fertilizers in the growing season, single time a whole month.


Mostly this plant doesn’t need pruning but if you spot some brown leaves or brown edges of leaves you can cut a specific part or whole leaf. Remove all the affected leaves and brown leaves can be because of light and water conditions.

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Our Caring Tips

  • Mostly tap water can have different minerals or it will salty, so we recommend using rainwater.
  • You don’t want to increase the height of the plant? if yes, cut it from the top so it will grow from the sides.
  • If your plant is not performing well and showing some unhealthy conditions, make sure to change the area and focus on water and light conditions that are available for the plant.

Common Pests Of Dracaena

Mealybugs and scales are two common pests that you can also spot on different other houseplants. You can also spot spider mites in different varieties, Make sure to control these pests using chemicals of the organic way because they will transfer from one plant to another and it will be more damaging.

Is Dracaena Safe For Pets?

Yes, Dracaena is toxic for pets according to the ASPCA. Most houseplants are toxic for pets so we recommend keeping your pets away from every plant.