Dischidia ovata has pretty watermelon-like leaves and that’s why it is also known as Watermelon Dischidia. It is in a few best varieties of Dischidia plant and is famous because of its small leaves and trailing vines. Leaves totally look like watermelon leaves but smaller in size, green in color with small white lines on the top which makes it beautiful. It also flowers in the summer season, it has small flowers with green and yellow color at top and ends with small purple lines over it. Always Dischidia leaves are the main reasons behind the value of its plant and ovata leaves give a unique look.

Dischidia Ovata Care Guide


Same as other Dischidia it will also stay with a bright and shady or filtered sunlight like near a window or such medium where it can fill all the requirements. The plant will grow well near a window and if getting a good amount of filtered light.

Can’t you fill the light requirements of the plant? or you don’t have such a bright window. No issue grow lights are the best solution for this, which will work very well and it is not going to affect the growth rate of your plant. Low light will show you some signs, as the leaves will start getting smaller and they will be apart from each other. IN the same way bright light will also affect the color of leaves. No need to be worried about these conditions, just spot the problem and do the perfect action.

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It can’t bear dry soil for a long time so you don’t have to take such a risk. Should need to water the plant after a required time period or when it’s needed. The best watering time will help your plant to stay healthy, as for many other house plants best watering time comes when the topmost layer looks dry. You can also check that through your fingers, if the conditions are looking try to make sure to water your plant or dry conditions can damage it.

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Potting Mixture Selection

A Damb potting mixture can affect the growth of dischidia ovata, It will love a light potting mixture. Simply you can say that a well-drained potting mixture is highly recommended and you can also use a small portion of bark in the potting mixture. A big pot selection can also damage the plant, always go for a medium-size pot or choose the perfect one according to the size and base of your plant.


As you know dischidia Loves more humidity, so to fill these requirements we recommend using a humidifier so you can fill the requirements of nearby plants.


Normal we just fertilize dischidia in just growing season and a good dose of fertilizer at the perfect time will help your plant a lot.

So that was all from growncares about this variety of dischidia but make sure to find such an important and perfect plants care guide by exploring our blog.