Terrariums are intimidating and really beautiful plants, today we will see some top closed terrarium plants that are super easy to grow and care for, it’s like just grow them in your garden and then you can forget them or they need a little care.

Major Requirements to Grow Closed Terrarium?

Here are just a few major requirements for closed terrarium plants and they will love a moist, warm, and humid environment. These plants are slow-growing and you can plant them in any suitable pot and they don’t need repotting or pruning. Almost every terrarium plant needs almost the same light requirements and it’s the tip for every gardener who is interested in growing this plant.

Which Plants We Can Put In A Terrarium?

You can put any plant in this until its fits in it. Important is that are you using a closed or open terrarium? Here below you can see the difference between both the type below:

difference between closed and open terrariums

Both of these are different from others and to grow plants in them, it’s necessary to understand the difference between them. If you Are a new Gardener or think that are both different? the answer will be yes and both are much different.

Closed Terrariums

These terrariums have their own ecosystem. A closed terrarium will be needed very little care or you can say that almost zero and you don’t be worried about their watering, they will be needed water but after a long time.

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Open Terrariums

It’s totally like an open glass and like a closed one it doesn’t have its own watering cycle. And it will be needed more care and make sure that it’s having better drainage conditions and you can easily get open terrariums ideas.

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Top Best Closed Terrarium Plants

Here is the list of a few top and best plants all of these love moisture but it does not mean to make it always wet.

Nerve Plant

best plants closed terrarium

Nerve plant loves bright and indirect sunlight conditions like many other houseplants but it needs constant moisture soil conditions.

Carnivorous PLant

closed terrarium plants

Most carnivorous plants enjoy constant moisture and full sunlight, so they are great for terrariums. After all, they are native to bog-like places, so they don’t need much more moisture than that.


plants for closed terrarium

Bright or medium light conditions are well recommended and suitable for this plant and you can also read the Syngonium care guide at growncares.


sealed terrarium plants

Moss is a famous terrarium plant and it’s used for decoration purposes like making a DIY moss wall. Misting will help to increase the moisture level but don’t mist too much or don’t make it wet always. Mostly moss-like moist and a warm environment but maybe some varieties are different so bright or medium indirect sunlight will be helpful.

Baby Tears

enclosed terrarium plants

This plant is also used for decoration and mostly to cover the ground. It needs the same care as for moss-like for light Moss bright or medium indirect sunlight will be helpful and you can also mist the plant for better moisture.

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Lemon Button Fern

terrarium plants list

Keeping ferrets in terrariums is an excellent idea. Indirect light with bright to medium intensity is ideal for them, along with constant humidity. That’s why ferns are so popular in the bathroom!

Aluminum Plant

closed lid terrarium plants

Moist potting mixture with bright and indirect sunlight conditions is perfect for this plant.

Maidenhair Fern

best closed terrarium plants

Terrariums can be enhanced with maidenhair ferns and they will also survive well in bright and indirect light conditions. You can also moist it when needed.


good plants for closed terrariums

It can survive well in indirect low, medium, and bright sunlight conditions. It’s really famous and you may have grown many pothos varieties in your house. But we have found that many people don’t know when to water the pothos. The SImple answer to this is “water when the topmost layer of soil feels dry”.

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Mini Orchids

best terrarium plants

Medium to bright sunlight conditions are recommended and water like pothos when the top layer looks dry. Orchids will survive better in single plant terrariums and you don’t need to be worried about its humidity conditions and mist it when needed. Place the plant in large and small sizes where you find the perfect place for it and can add multiple plants.

How Long A Closed Terrariums Can Survive?

Terrariums can stay forever if it’s having healthy and good growing plants with proper care.

You know that a closed terrarium has its own ecosystem and it can maintain itself with a little watering. If you are having a single plant terrarium and when plants die its means that’s the end.

Requirements For A Closed Terrarium

Requirements For a closed terrarium are listed here:

  • A clean glass container
  • The glass must have space for plant
  • A cover at the top of the glass which you can remove.
  • Drainage layers
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Houseplant simple potting mixture
  • The plant which you are going to grow

Can We Grow Air Plants In A Closed Terrarium?

Air plants produce fresh air which is very good but it needs good humidity conditions, that’s why it cannot survive in a closed terrarium but these types of plants are well in an opened terrarium.