Cissus Discolor is a tropical plant from the island of Java and its relevant area which is also considered a rainforest. It is famous because of its big green leaves with different variations over them. It contains 2-3 colors which are blended with each other and makes a perfect and lovely variation. Not just the top, but the bottom side of the leaves also have purple colors which give a beautiful touch and improve the beauty of the plant. It is also known as rex begonia, but if you have grown any Begonia Plant, read these special care-related articles.

But remembers it does not belong to the begonia family but its character, shapes, and leave variations to make it similar to begonia. So. today at Growncares we have the proper step-by-step care guide for the Cissus discolor plant:

Cissus Discolor Care Guide

Here is the complete care guide for this plant. It is super easy to care for this plant and we will also add it to our best flower plants for beginners.


Like many other house plants, it also needs bright but indirect light, specially filtered light is suitable. So it is an easy or west widow facing plant, I have also placed it about 5-6 feet away from my east facing window and the plant is surviving very well and looks healthy.

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What’s the Suitable Temperature For Cissus Discolor?


Standing water or dry soil, both the conditions can affect the growth of the plant. Never let your potting mixture dry, we mostly water the plant when the potting mixture is near to dry means a few top inches of the soil are not wet well. A lot of water can also cause different problems like root rot, make sure to provide a suitable amount of water at the proper time.

Does Cissus Discolor Need Any Support System?

We mostly grow such plants in hanging pots but if you have grown them in a grounded pot, and if vines are growing extra we recommend using a trellis for the better shape of the plant.

Potting Mixture

A rich and well-drained potting mixture is highly suitable for such plants because we should water the plant on time and we don’t want to get the soil dry. My Potting Mixture is made of these three different products which are listed here:

  • regular potting mix almost 50%
  • peat moss about 10% for extra nutrients
  • perlite or pumice about 40% and it is used for better drainage conditions

This type of potting mixture for Cissus discolor is highly suitable and your plant will perform better in this.


It does not require high humidity because it’s a native plant of the rainforest on the island of Java and it can easily survive at suitable room temperature.

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Propagation Of Cissus Discolor

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to propagate this plant:

  • spot a vine which have at least two healthy leaves on it
  • Remove the first leave and make a node there ( A node will help your plant to grow faster)
  • Take a glass bowl
  • Fill it with fresh water
  • Dip it in the water and make sure that it always remains submerged in the water
  • Place it at a suitable place and temperature which is mentioned above
  • Roots will start growing in 1 or 2 weeks
  • After that transplant it into your pot
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After applying this complete method you can easily propagate your plant and you can grow your farm.

What’s The Best Way To Propagate Cissus Discolor?

The cutting and water method is highly suitable as I have mentioned up in the post. Because this method is easy to grow and propagation is simple, although germination will start faster than all other propagation methods.