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Natural Bug And Insect Repellent For Plants

Natural Bug and insect repellent spray can be prepared easily by using some domestic ingredients from the kitchen. It is effective to repel aphids as well as many insects and pests. Let's give a deep touch to this natural bug repellent and also discuss how we can make it! Intro Garden and natural vegetation are the habitats of insect pests, so they are part of every organic garden. Some factors can matter a lot in [...]

How To Get Rid Of Slugs? Best Natural Ways

Slugs and mostly found in every garden and surely you will be worried about them because it's eating your garden plants. Here in this article at Growncares, we are going to explain how to get rid of slugs in natural ways. Mostly in the spring season when you grow some seeds and then a few small plants are germinating, but sadly next morning all the plants are gone or small flowers of fruit plants because [...]

Cissus Discolor Complete Care And Propagation Guide

Cissus Discolor is a tropical plant from the island of Java and its relevant area which is also considered a rainforest. It is famous because of its big green leaves with different variations over them. It contains 2-3 colors which are blended with each other and makes a perfect and lovely variation. Not just the top, but the bottom side of the leaves also have purple colors which give a beautiful touch and improve the [...]

Complete Guide On How to Get Rid of Mealybugs?

Mealybugs, surely if you are a gardener you will be worried about this, and you will be thinking that how can be safe from this. This is one of the most common pests of our houseplants, which is found on almost every plant in your gardens like Philodendron Gloriosum and many others. If you are having a huge plant-like Philodendron Splendid or other big plants, you can easily spot this pest over them. Many solutions [...]

How To Prepare Your Own Natural Weed Killer At Home

Today we have a different method to make natural weed killers at your home. It can be used to make your garden weed free and it can be used on different types of surfaces. Single weed seeds can remain for years in your garden soil, and they will grow again and again. According to modern science and technology, it is true, but mainly our aim is to make our garden safe from such weeds. So [...]

Why Pothos Leaves Are Turning Yellow?

Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum, is present in the list of indoor plants grown by beginners and it's having many varieties with different specifications like silver satin pothos and many others. We should be thankful for its low-maintenance vibes and hardy nature. But it never means that it is entirely immune to all diseases and problems; it can suffer from many issues like the other houseplants. The problems may be overwatering, underwatering, fungal root [...]

What Are The 5 Best Indoor Flowers For Beginners

The collection of flowering plants was always my need and I am interested in growing a lot of plants that will bloom and make my garden beautiful. Do you also want such flowering plants in your garden? Many people say that it's difficult to grow flowers indoors, which surely it's right but still many varieties of indoor flowers are available and can be grown easily and are considered the best indoor flowers for beginners. So [...]

Philodendron Prince of Orange Plant Complete Care Guide

It is a hybrid plant from the Philodendron genus with some bright and lushing leaves. Prince of the orange plant is a common household plant, mostly this plant is famous as a houseplant in the united states where conditions are totally suitable for this plant. It is one of my favorite philodendron varieties and super easy to care for. If you are a new gardener and starting in gardening then such low or easy-care plants [...]

How To Improve The Quality Of Sandy Soil?

Are You worried about the sandy soil which is in your garden? If yes, no worries, now at growncares we will discuss some tips to improve the quality of sandy soil. Many gardeners have only clayey soils to propagate, so they always wish to have sandy soil in their garden. Sandy soil has some distinct features; it drains in a good manner, picks up the heat quickly and it gives a concrete appearance after drying. [...]

Dracaena Plant Complete Care And Growing Guide

Dracaena is having more than 100 different plant and shrub varieties. It's a big growing plant but you can easily control the growth of this plant by removing the top portion of the plant. New leaves of the plant will appear from the cut and under the proper care of sunlight, water, and humidity your plant will grow better and stay healthy. Its propagation is also possible through its cutting in different ways as it [...]

How To Get Rid Of Gnats Naturally

You will surely worry about these small wondering pests in your garden and will be thinking that from where does this come? Have you seen a few flying on water and plant? These are known as fungal gnats. Final gnats can be effective on your plants so you have to get rid of gnats at the initial stages in a natural way. Here we have listed four steps to get rid of gnats naturally. What [...]

Fix Root Rot And How To Save Your Plant From Root Rot

Your plant will not die after a root rot attack but you can still save your plant by providing some best care we will discuss here. To save your plant, you have to perform some actions quickly to save the plant at the initial stages. So, surely you will be interested to know about the safety of the plant. Today at Growncares, you will see how you can save your plants from roots and how [...]

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