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How To Grow And Care Calathea Musaica?

Do you love growing calathea? If yes you will also love this plant known as Calathea Musaica. I love this plant because of its leaves, which are green in color and have light, dark, and medium green color boxes at its top which makes it beautiful. Scientifically this plant is known as Goeppertia kegeljanii. If you like calathea and want more information read out our calathea varieties article to find more content about it. This special [...]

Calathea Roseopicta Care And Propagation Guide

Calathea Roseopicta, also known as the rose-painted calathea, is a beautiful and popular houseplant known for its bright green leaves with pink or red veins. This plant comes in two different variations and both are just amazing. You can easily understand it from the image given at the top and I'm just in love with this plant. For Calathea Roseopicta growing & care instructions, visit our Calathea Varieties guide. This plant is very special and [...]

Peacock Plant Care And Growing Guide

The Peacock plant is just like a peacock that's why it has a similar same and it's a very special plant of calathea. Do you know about calathea varieties? If not read our recent calathea varieties guide which can make you happy and you will gain good knowledge. It's a very beautiful plant and as a house plant lover, it should be a part of your home garden. Peacock plant have medium-sized leaves with some [...]

How To Grow And Care Calathea Zebrina? Simple Way

Calathea Zebrina is a beautiful house plant because its leaves contain a color combination of Dark and Light green colors which makes it beautiful and attractive. This plant is also known as zebra plant and you can easily grow this plant in your garden. Scientifically this plant is known as Calathea zebrina. Originally this plant belongs to Southeastern Brazil, which means from the rain forest of Brazil and most of the calathea varieties are found [...]

All About Calathea Rufibarba Care And Growing Guide

You can consider Calathea Rufibarba as one of the softest plants in your house plants collection. I'm growing this plant from recent three years and now I have prepared a complete Calathea Rufibarba Care guide. It belongs to Marantaceae and it's a very famous calathea variety. Do you know about calathea varieties? You can read our calathea varieties guide and can get all the related information which is especially for all calathea lovers. This plant [...]

Calathea Orbifolia Care And Growing Guide

Calathea Orbifolia is one of the big plant listed in our calathea varieties guide. It has a yellow shade in the leaves and like many other calathea plant, you can easily grow this plant in your House. Today we are covering all the required care guides for this plant, so you will be able to grow and care for this plant in your beautiful house or garden, And it's surely going to increase its beauty. [...]

How To Grow And Care Calathea White Fusion?

It's a small calathea plant and if we considered it as the best plant mentioned in our calathea varieties then Calathea White Fusion will never be a bad selection, and that's why it's my favorite calathea plant. Mainly this plant is easy to grow and care for as it's a small plant with amazing beautiful leaves. So every gardener will like to have it and as an indoor plant, it will increase the beauty of [...]

Calathea Lancifolia Complete Care And Growing Guide

Calathea lancifolia is a tropical plant native to South America. It is known for its beautiful, elongated, dark green leaves that have a unique, marbled pattern on the top and purple undersides. Calathea lancifolia is a popular houseplant because it is relatively easy to care for and adds a tropical touch to any room. It's a very unique variety of calathea For Calathea (varietyname) growing & care instructions, visit our Calathea Varieties guide. Here is [...]

Calathea Ornata: The Pinstripe Plant Care Guide

The pinstripe plant is scientifically known as Calathea ornata. Its green leaves with small pink lines make it very attractive and eyecatching. It belongs to the prayer plant family known as Marantaceae. The origin of this plant is in South America, mainly Colombia and its nearby areas. Commonly it is known as zebra plant, peacock plant, cathedral plant, or maybe something other in your region. When sunlight will hit the leaves of this plant it [...]

What Are The Best Calathea Varieties To Grow?

Do you have calathea in your garden? You also need to have different calathea varieties which can look more beautiful and all these varieties are easy to care. Calathea plants are considered the most beautiful house plants. Today we are going to discuss calathea varieties that are easy to grow and care for with a guide about them. Calathea is now spreading in different urban gardens and local nurseries. Many people love but someones hate [...]

How To Grow And Care Og Kush Marijuana?

OG Kush is the bread of indica and many other strains of indica including Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush, Green Kush, and Purple Kush. Hybrid strains of C. indica include Blueberry Kush and Golden Jamaican Kush. This article is going to be all about How to grow & care for OG Kush marijuana. About Biotechnically, this plant is known as OG Kush Cannabis and it belongs to the Hemp genus. Like other plants of marijuana, this [...]

How To Grow Indica Marijuana Indoors?

Growing Indica outdoors and indoors, are different and have different benefits of growing at different mediums. As an indoor plant, it will not grow a lot bigger and it will easily fit in your room or house. It’s easy to manage it indoors and you will see some beautiful flowers which will boost the beauty of your house. About Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis Indica and it belongs to the Hemp genus. Like [...]

How To Grow Indica Marijuana Outdoors?

Are you interested in growing plants outdoors? This means you want to have a long, big, and healthy plant in your garden which can increase the beauty of the backyard. Such flowering and long-growing plants are more suitable as these weeds plants are easy to care for like many other weeds such as jack herser, bubba kus, and blue dream. This article is going to be all about growing Indica marijuana outdoors. About Biotechnically, this [...]

How To Grow Sativa Marijuana Indoors?

Growing plants indoors is always amazing and you can grow Sativa indoors to have a beautiful plant in your garden which can also have some beautiful flowers in the summer season and your home garden will be more beautiful. As an indoor plant, you can monitor it easily and can fill temperature and light needs manually. About Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis sativa and it belongs to the Hemp genus. You can also [...]

How To Grow Sativa Marijuana Outdoors?

Plants are always easy to care for, if you are in love with plants then this process will be easy and understandable for you. In this article, we will discuss how to grow Sativa marijuana outdoors, in a few easy steps. Growing Sativa outside will take less effort and you will have a tall, healthy, and good plant, as compared to growing Sativa indoors. About Biotechnically, this plant is known as Cannabis sativa and it [...]

Juniper Tree Care: Everything You Need To Know

This simple guide to juniper trees will help you get on the right foot. Let's learn more about these famous trees and how to keep them happy and thriving! Care of a juniper bonsai tree It's necessary to the juniper bonsai tree care among the most common types of bonsai; juniper trees belong to the cypress family. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, different types of junipers grow everywhere from the Arctic to Eurasia to parts [...]

What is Japanese Maple and How To Care For The Japanese Maple?

The Japanese maple is the small tree that would fit almost any yard, and the Japanese maple is the beautiful addition to any landscape design. Although they have a reputation for being picky, if you plant them in their preferred condition, it's not that difficult to care for a japanese maple tree. The tree does grow slowly, so you'll need a little bit of patience. 1.      Light Plant the Japanese maple in filtered sun to [...]

Easiest Ways to Care For Forsythia

While forsythia shrubs are easy to care for, you can do a few things to help them perform their best for you. The first thing about forsythia shrub care is that Forsythia enjoys full sun. Therefore, ensure the forsythia shrub gets at least six hours of sunlight daily. While it can tolerate less than that, Forsythia's ability to bloom will be reduced if not exposed to full sun. Forsythia bush care When a forsythia bush [...]

How To Care for Elderberry Bushes

Elderberry bush care Elderberry is an excellent choice for gardeners and beginners. The plant thrives without much interaction with gardener during the growing season. The shrubs do well in the wild, reaching enormous sizes in some parts of the country. How to take care of elderberry bushes? Elderberry trees grow abundantly in the wild and, depending on the variety, can be found along river banks throughout North America's western and eastern parts. When growing elderberry [...]

Creeping Jenny: How to Care For & Propagate Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a perennial with a small, bright yellow flowers. Although the flowers won't last long, they are beautiful. For this reason, it is better to grow this low-growing "creeping" for its leaves, which will make an excellent ground cover. The golden creeping Jenny is also called moneywort because the leaves are in the shape of small coins. It's a member of the Primulaceae family and is hardy in USDA zones 4-9. It's often [...]

Philodendron Splendid: Complete Care Guide

Philodendron splendid is also known as Philodendron verrucosum x melanochrysum. I know that it's easy to remember the first name instead of the second one but you should need to remember that name also if you want to buy the plant. Before buying any Philodendron you will love to know different things and care guide about that plant, so it's the best place for you. I hope that you will buy this plant after buying [...]

How To Care Calathea Maui Queen? Care Guide For Starters

Calathea Maui queen is not a common houseplant and it belongs to the Prayer Plant family. This plant is going famous in gardens because of its beautiful leaves which are having a small design at the bottom of it. It is also known as Calathea louisae and it needs some basic level care which is almost required for many houseplants, so here at Growncares, we are going to discuss its care. Calathea louisae is a [...]

Amydrium Medium Silver Care And Propagation Guide

Amydrium medium is a vining plant with some different and striking leaves. It's also known as a spider monster. I have different varieties of this plant but I am not sure about its pricing. Amydrium medium silver is the most famous breed and today I am going to discuss, how you can care for this plant all the steps are listed. Where To Buy Amydrium Medium Spider? Here is the amazing plant and you can [...]

Fittonia Care And Growing Guide

Fittonia is also known by many other names such as nerve plant, Net plant, and mosaic plant but its fittonia name is very famous than all others. Watering in a just bad way will change the look of your plant but after returning back towards the required conditions you will get back a healthy plant. According to the Gabby SantiagoNerve plants are definitely one of the most unique and beautiful plants out there, in my [...]

Hoya Bella Care And Propagation Guide

Hoya Bella is one of the beautiful houseplants in its species and it's somehow different to care than other plants of the same species. It is a subspecies of Hoya lanceolate. In this post at growncares, we are going to discuss its' complete care, disease, problems, needs, and different ways of propagation. It's an epiphyte. Epiphytes are the plants that grow on the surface of other plants. It is a native plant of India and [...]

How To Care Stromanthe Triostar? Complete Care Guide

Stromanthe Triostar is a very attractive and delicate plant. It has tropical, Colourful, and whimsical features. Give beautiful shades of pink, magenta, green, and cream colors. The plant is native to the land of South America. It is famous and perfect as an indoor plant as well as an outdoor plant. It is grown in tropical and subtropical lands as an outdoor plant. It has a very beautiful appearance and looks like a work of [...]

Philodendron Gloriosum Best Care And Propagation Guide

We can define the Philodendron Gloriosum plant and its all facts through a single word: Showstopper. It's all due to its foliage which grows slowly. If you love philodendron you must have grown other varieties like Pink Princess Philodendron and a lot more. In this specific post by growncares, we will discuss complete care, propagation, different disease, and problems of this plant. Growth and Size How Big Philodendron Gloriosum Can Be?In optimum and perfect growing [...]

What is the Difference Between Pothos vs Philodendron

Pothos vs philodendron both are commonly found house plants, But most of the time people can't understand the difference between both of them. In this post, we will cover all about the difference between both of these house plants. Mostly many new gardeners mix up Pothos with Philodendron or don't understand what is it. Because both the plants are having the same growing habits it's difficult for new ones to understand the difference between them [...]

How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo Plant? Fertilizers, water, light

Lucky Bamboo plant can help you to feel relaxed and easy while caring for this plant. It is also believed that this plant is a sign of happiness and success, so many people have this plant in their houses and in workplaces. As people are having different mindsets about every plant table kamini plant is also considered very helpful in India. But it's not the real bamboo it's totally unique and it looks simple and [...]

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats?

Fungal gants can damage and stop the growth of your plant but this post about how to get rid of fungal gants will help you a lot. Plant repoting is an important step in plant growth. We are covering all the steps of plant repotting. I hope you are getting useful information related to plant health. Do you know how you can get rid of this? Don't worry, in this post at growncares, we are [...]

Betel Leaf Plant Care And Propagation Guide

It is not difficult or not anything special to grow Betel Leaf Plant but you just need to fill up all the plant requirements to see it healthy. This is a rare plant and mostly Indian gardens grow this plant in pots, containers, or in any suitable area where the plant can stay healthy. Many other such house plants as lucky bamboo are very famous in India and are commonly grown.  It is commonly known [...]

Polka Dot Plant Care And Propagation Guide

Scientifically polka dot plant is known as Hypoestes and it is also known as Freckle Face. It is one of the favorite plants of gardens in India and in many other countries. Many people grow it in their houses but it will also look beautiful on the outdoor beds and mainly its leaves look like art on them as Stromanthe Triostar does. Polka dot plants come in different colors like pink, green, yellow, white and [...]

Repotting Monstera Plant In Right Way

Repotting Monstera is not difficult, monstera needs repotting every year or after two years, Recently I have also repotted my favorite monstera mini. In this article at Growncares, we are going to discuss, how you can do the repotting of monstera in the right way. Is Repotting Monstera Good?Yes, Like all other houseplants monstera needs repotting to grow and expand more and more. So repotting should be done at right time perfectly. When You Need [...]

How To Care ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)?

ZZ plant is really easy to care and it is the best choice for everyone mostly new gardeners. We will discuss its care, light, water requirements, and all the important factors.  Zamioculcas zamiifolia is among the best plants for beginners and due to its hardy nature, no one can kill it, You can also try other easy-to-care plants as one of my favorites is Fettonia. Its other name is Zanzibar gem. This plant has many [...]

Rattlesnake Plant: Care Guide Of Calathea Lancifolia

As a beautiful and eye-catching plant rattlesnake plant (Calathea Lancifolia) should be in your house plants collection. It is animal friendly and more attractive than other calathea varieties because of the beautiful pattern in leaves with dark green color and spear-shaped leaves attracted everyone. Here in this post at Growncares, we are going to discuss its complete care in detail. Does the rattlesnake plant a prayer plant? It belongs to the marantaceae family but you can't [...]

String of Turtles (Peperomia Prostrata) Care And Propagation Guide

The string of turtles is an adorable house plant because of its beautiful variation on leaves. Its scientific name is Peperomia prostrate it is a variety of peperomia. This post will discuss its care and propagation guide in detail. Is String of Turtles a Succulent? Yes, it is a semi-succulent and native plant of the rainforest. Like many other succulent plants, it also doesn't like dry areas, and its also having abilities to store water [...]

Mini Monstera Ginny (Philodendron Ginny) Care Guide

Mini Monstera, Monstera Ginny, and Philodendron Ginnie are the shared names of Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (Biotechnical Name). It also belongs to the Rhaphidophora genus and has beautiful leaves loved by every gardener. All the names)( monster, Philodendron, and Rhaphidophora) belongs to the Araceae family and the peperomia plant is from a different family but has the same characteristics. This plant has tropical vibes, which allow the plant to climb any wall or something like that, which [...]

Peperomia Plant Care Guide For Beginners

Peperomia plant is really easy to care for and just one thing you need to know or focus on is water. This plant is really great for beginner gardens. It's having more than 1000 varieties of different sizes, shapes, and colors and I am sure you will love any one of the peperomia varieties. Area with bright indirect sunlight and with high humidity level and highly suitable like South America and Central America. How big [...]

Silver Satin Pothos: Best Care Guide With Details

It's a beautiful and charming house plant pothos variety, Silver Satin Pothos can add beauty and greenery to any space. Every leaf is totally unique and a small silver shine makes it more beautiful. This plant is fast-growing and doesn't need a lot of maintenance and care, and it will stay healthy easily. Just one difficult or hard thing about this plant is its name, commonly known as Silver satin pothos but bio technically is [...]

Complete Guide On How To Grow Basil From Seed

Basil is a sweet and spicy herb and every Gardner don't grow this and you will not find it in many gardens. Today we are going to explain how you can how to grow basil from seeds in simple and easy ways. Basil is also one of the first herbs which every Gardner wants to grow in their pots. It belongs to the mint family and all the herbs of the mint family are really [...]

Philodendron Bipennifolium Complete Care And Propagation Guide

Philodendron bipennifolium is a big plant with some long leaves as same as all other varieties of philodendron. They also have vine and beautiful big growing leaves look very beautiful. This plant is known by different other names such as Lacy Tree Philodendron and Golden violin. Plants from this genus have a good growth ratio and we have written a guide on different varieties such as pink princess philodendron and philodendron ginny and my favorite [...]

Complete Guide About Repotting A Fiddle Leaf Fig

Do you want a small plant in your house? if you are a gardener you are surely going to love these types of plants. This is the simple reason which has increased the population of fiddle leaf fig all over the world in many gardens. If you have grown a fiddle you must need to know when and how to do the repotting of fiddle leaf fig. A few days ago my plant was showing [...]

Dischidia Ovata or Watermelon Dischidia Care Guide

Dischidia ovata has pretty watermelon-like leaves and that's why it is also known as Watermelon Dischidia. It is in a few best varieties of Dischidia plant and is famous because of its small leaves and trailing vines. Leaves totally look like watermelon leaves but smaller in size, green in color with small white lines on the top which makes it beautiful. It also flowers in the summer season, it has small flowers with green and [...]

Why Is My Dischidia Getting Yellow?

Your dischidia leaves are getting yellow? no worries there are many reasons behind this and you can easily know why leaves are now turning yellow, and you will find the best solution to fill the requirements of the plant and it will be healthy. Dischidia Plant is easy to grow and care but many things can affect the growth rate of your plant. Different diseases and problems can affect the growth rate of your plant [...]

How To Grow A Medicinal Herb Garden?

It's easy to grow different food or fruit plants in the garden but have you grown a medical herb garden? It's super easy, and today at growncares we will discuss growing different herbs in the garden. Every gardener doesn't start with some herbs or such plants, Few years back, I also started my garden with some beautiful plants and vegetables. But 3 years back I have to face serious illness but I will say thanks [...]

Crocodile Fern Plant Complete Care Guide

Fern Group is having many plants in the group but the crocodile fern is one of the famous plants in this group. Do you know why the name of this plant is a crocodile? Because its leaves are like a crocodile as Betel leaf plant with the same interface for the name. It is a tropical plant and easy to care for as an indoor and outdoor plant. It is a simple plant and is [...]

How To Take Care Of Table Kamini Plant

Table Kamini plant is one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world. Kamini is a local plant of India and China and is mostly grown in India as a flowering house plant as lucky bamboo which is very famous in India. Thick green leaves prevent you from pruning any cutting from the plant. After cutting when they bloom and grow from the top it looks really amazing and wonderful. It's commonly known as [...]

Marble Queen Pothos: Best Care And Propagation Guide

Marble queen pothos is very famous due to of variation in its leaves which are like speckles of cream and green color. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of pothos but like other pothos varieties, marble queen don't grow faster like silver satin pothos or others. But it's really not hard to care about this plant and I am going to cover all these things in this article. Marble Queen Pothos Care Main [...]

Pothos NJoy: Best Care, Growing And Propogation Guide

Pothos Njoy is a variety of pothos and it's known for white and green variations on its leaves. This post is all about N’Joy Pothos care, growing, and propagation plus a lot more about that which will be helpful to make it healthy. What Is Pothos NJoy? Njoy pothos or pothos njoy is considered in a few of the beautiful pothos varieties of pothos and a beautiful house plant. It's a variety of bright and [...]

Alocasia Polly: Best Care Guide

Alocasia Polly is truly a unique house plant and it's having deep green waxy leaves with cream lines over them. Its amazing color makes this plant a dark and beautiful house plant. This plant needs some care and most people don't recommend this plant to new gardeners but don't worry if you are new this guide is going to help you a lot regarding its care. It's an African Mask plant and its scientific name [...]

How To Care Alocasia Black Velvet?

Alocasia Black Velvet is an incredible house plant and as an indoor plant, it's easy to manage. If we compare other Alocasia plants with it, this plant will be easier to manage. The scientific name of this plant is "Alocasia regular" and it's commonly known as the little queen. It's really simple to care about that plant, and this post is all about the best things that you have to do for the care of [...]

How To Care For Begonia Maculata?

Begonia Maculata belongs to the begonia genus and it's famous because of its polka dot leaves or also known as polka dot begonia, Polka Dot Plant is different. Read this article to know everything regarding care and all other things about this plant. Care Of Begonia Maculata plant The basic needs of this plant are bright indirect sunlight like other house plants, and a moist environment with a well-drained potting mixture. Proper watering is necessary [...]

Ficus Tineke: The Best Guide For Variegated Rubber Plant

Ficus Tineke is a rubber plant and it's one of the beautiful house plants. Its different colors like pink green, cream, and even pink color make it more beautiful and interesting. This plant doesn't need a lot of care but you just need to provide proper and good sunlight to it. The scientific name of this plant is "Ficus elastica" and most commonly it's known as Tineke and Variegated Rubber Tree. The smooth and waxy leaves [...]

Top Closed Terrarium Plants Which Are Easy To Grow And Care

Terrariums are intimidating and really beautiful plants, today we will see some top closed terrarium plants that are super easy to grow and care for, it's like just grow them in your garden and then you can forget them or they need a little care. Major Requirements to Grow Closed Terrarium? Here are just a few major requirements for closed terrarium plants and they will love a moist, warm, and humid environment. These plants are [...]

Begonia Propagation in Water And Soil

Begonia is a houseplant that can give you beautiful flowers and it's also a healthy plant. Begonia Propagation can be done in a few different and easy ways and every owner of this plant will surely want to grow his garden and produce more, they will stay healthy if you will give proper care to begonia. So, read out this article and see how you can grow this plant by propagation without any cost. In [...]

Syngonium Propagation Guide In Soil And Water

Syngonium is considered a famous houseplant and if you are having this plant you will want to do Syngonium propagation to grow your garden. Syngonium is really easy to care for and like many other plants pruning time is considered a perfect time to getting cutting off the plant and then propagate it. Completely read out this article to get all information about its cutting propagation in water and soil and later we will wait [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron is an awesome house and famous House plant. Many people get worried after seeing its beauty, regarding its care. After reading this article, you will clear everything regarding its care and propagation and will now many other tips about this plant. In Reality, no one knows the base of this plant, but many types of research show that it was found in 1970 by a Florida grower. I tried to find more [...]

Best Way to Grow and Care Begonia Plant

Begonia plant is the easiest and most convenient plant to grow in containers. This group of plants loves the warm environment. They were found in the tropical and subtropical areas in the forest understory.                                      Rex Begonias, which is foliage are grown for their beautiful leaves and fancy colors. The colors are in the form of markings and swirls which are highlighted by unusual markings. Their growth gives a sensational statement, especially on a partially [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Syngonium Plant

Syngonium plant is liked by almost every person because they don't need a lot of care. It's available in multiple colors according to its variety. And the shape of plant leaves changes when your plant becomes mature. You can easily grow it near the wall or in a hanging pot. For the wall, it's not hard for this plant to move up and it will make the wall beautiful. In hanging pots different branches will [...]

Best Guide To Grow And Care Dischidia Plant

Dischidia plant is not difficult to grow and it's not very common, but they don't need a lot of care. It's a house plant and one of the beautiful hanging plants. Today in This article we are going to discuss Dischidia caring and growing guide. Mostly Dissidia plants are grown in hanging pots, and they look very beautiful in them. Few of its varieties are having beautiful flashy leaves which can also hold a little [...]

Haworthia Plant Care And Propagation Guide

Haworthia is a succulent houseplant and many people compare this plant with aloes. Both of these are members of the Asphodeloideae family and I don't think how people are confused about these. Harworthia is a small and very slow-growing plant instead of aloe. You don't need to be worried about this plant care because surprisingly it can survive for more than seven days without water in normal soil conditions. Are you interested in growing succulent [...]

Caladium Care And Growing Guide

Caladium has beautiful colorful leaves which can't tolerate the cold temperature. Do you really know that can you grow caladium indoors? Or how to care? Don't worry it's a little challenging to have this plant in your house but today at Growncares we will discuss caladium complete care guide. So you will be having such a beautiful plant in your house plants collection and surely you will be happy. Many other houseplants have the same [...]

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