Calathea Zebrina is a beautiful house plant because its leaves contain a color combination of Dark and Light green colors which makes it beautiful and attractive. This plant is also known as zebra plant and you can easily grow this plant in your garden.

Scientifically this plant is known as Calathea zebrina. Originally this plant belongs to Southeastern Brazil, which means from the rain forest of Brazil and most of the calathea varieties are found in this area of Brazil. If you don’t know about calathea and about it you can read out Calathea Varieties guide to explore more.

This article is all about the care guide for calathea zebrina and you will find everything which you need about growing this amazing plant in your garden or house.

Calathea Zebrina Care


Mostly for calathea, Temperature range starts from 15 degrees celsius and this time you can have a healthy and active plant in the temperature range between

65-75°F (18-24°C).

A bit lower or high temperature is safe while a big change in numbers can make this plant unhealthy. Mainly in winters time, you need to prevent it from cool conditions and try to keep this away from doors and windows.



We recommend dividing pot soil into five parts and filling it equally as listed below:

  • 20% of Potting Soil
  • 40% peat
  • 40% perlite


You can use light fertilizers in just the growing season so you can have a healthy plant that is growing strongly.


Soggy soil and badly wet soil can cause root rot and other root problems which can easily bring your plant to death. Make sure that you are keeping noticing soil conditions and never water soil that looks wet.

I hope you have understood all these steps, and that’s all from our side, You can explore Growncares to find a lot of guide about plants.