It’s a small calathea plant and if we considered it as the best plant mentioned in our calathea varieties then Calathea White Fusion will never be a bad selection, and that’s why it’s my favorite calathea plant. Mainly this plant is easy to grow and care for as it’s a small plant with amazing beautiful leaves. So every gardener will like to have it and as an indoor plant, it will increase the beauty of your house.

In This article at Growncares, we will cover the complete care guide for Calathea White Fusion which will help everyone who knows gardening or not. This article will be enough to care for and grow this plant by following a few simple and easy steps I have for you.

Calathea White Fusion Care

We have mentioned all the steps which are must needed to grow this plant. If you have calathea already in your garden, then this guide will be very simple for you.


As you know that it’s a variated plant, which means this calathea plant has some beautiful leaves which are a combination of two or more colors. And light is the most important factor of such plants, This plant will stay happy under 6 hours of bright and indirect light, direct sunlight can damage the leaves of the plant while at the same time low light can be dangerous. So you must need to care about the light needs of this amazing variety of calathea.


Water care is almost similar for all types of calathea, this time you need to make sure that the soil doesn’t get dry. And make a proper schedule to water calathea if you want to see a good and healthy plant.


Temperature about 15 degrees celsius is highly suitable and you can see a good performer if the temperature is a little higher then this.


Such plants always need a well-drained potting mixture, you can use normal gardening soil with a small mixture of perlite for better watering conditions.


That’s all from this article, explore Growncares more, to find all the needed care guides about your favorite plnts.