Calathea plants are considered in few most beautiful house plants. Today we are going to discuss calathea varieties that are easy to grow and care for with a guide about them. Calathea is now spreading in different urban gardens and local nurseries. Many people love but someones hate this plant because at the start it is a little challenging to care for. When you will understand the need of your plant, you will be having some healthy and easy to grow plants in different conditions. So here we will discuss varieties and some basic care guides for calathea.

Basic Care Guide Of Calathea


Protect your plant from bright and direct light but keep it in bright indirect or filtered light.


Use of good water at right time is necessary to do. Dechlorinated water, specially filtered and rainwater is suitable for this plant. Always water after understanding the soil conditions and water good until it starts coming out of drainage hole. The simplest way for checking soil humidity or water requirement need is through your finger and you can also do it via stick to understand soil conditions. Always water after understanding the conditions, so you will never face many problems.


Humidity is necessary for most houseplants, especially for calathea. The low humidity level will change the color of leaves and their color will also change. A Humidifier is the best solution against this and it can increase the humidity of a specific area in which you can add more plants that need more humidity. Many people mist the plant leaves to increase humidity, we have discussed many times that it is not going to increase any humidity but maybe you can rid of some pests and insects.

Best 10+ Calathea Varieties

Calathea Lancifolia

Calathea varieties Lancifolia

Calathea lancifolia dark green, thin and wavy leaves with small dots over these leaves, make this plant valuable.

Calathea Concinna

This oval-shaped calathea is very easy to care for. I must say that it is considered one of the easiest plants to care for in the calathea genus. I must recommend you add this plant to your collection, because of its beauty and ease to care.

Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion

I hope that you will be understood the name and the image will be confirming that it is having white and green variated leaves with purple color variation also. It is a very beautiful color combination and not too big a plant, which means you can handle it easily.

Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea Orbifolia

That’s a big plant in calathea varieties with big green leaves. Leaves are having medium yellow color lines over them which makes them more beautiful.

Calathea Rufibarba

Calathea Rufibarba

Lush green leaves plant Calathea Rufibarba is one of the soft calathea plants and should be in your houseplant collection.

Calathea Zebrina

Calathea Zebrina

Calathea Zebrina is also known as the zebra plant, this plant’s leaves are having two different color combinations with dark and light green.

Calathea Ornata

Calathea Ornata is easy to care and it is famous because of its variations on the leaves. Pink lines and variated leaves with some purple color make this plant amazing.

Peacock plant

Peacock plant

Have you ever seen this plant before? is it like Peacock? yes, surely it is. Peacock plant is having medium-size leaves with some beautiful green and white variations, and mainly small inserted leaves design on the surface of leaves make this plant unique and amazing.

Calathea Roseopicta

Calathea Roseopicta

Ring-type variegated leaves are amazing on this plant. The first ring is dark green, then the pink ring, and again a medium green inside with a pink line in the middle. It also has a small variation of purple color at the start of leaves.

This plant comes in two variations, in the second one it has white lines instead of pink ones and both of these are really beautiful.

Calathea Musaica

This green color leave plant has multiple green small lines in the dark, medium, and light colors.

Which One Of These Calathea Varieties Is Easy To Care for?

Calathea Rufibarba and Calathea Freddie are the two easiest calatheas according to growncares. Because they need less maintenance and both these varieties are beautiful, so no issue with that. As a beginner gardener, these two plants are amazing.

Which One Of These Calathea Varieties Is Difficult To Care for?

Calathea White Fusion is one of the hardest plants to care and it is because of some reasons. Humidity is the main reason and we don’t recommend it for newbies in gardening.

So after reading all this staff at growncares! which one is your favorite calathea plant?