Calathea Orbifolia is one of the big plant listed in our calathea varieties guide. It has a yellow shade in the leaves and like many other calathea plant, you can easily grow this plant in your House.

Today we are covering all the required care guides for this plant, so you will be able to grow and care for this plant in your beautiful house or garden, And it’s surely going to increase its beauty.

Calathea Orbifolia Care

We have mentioned all the basic things which are always needed to care for any house plant in your garden as light, soil, temperature, and water needs and you will be able to grow Calathea Orbifolia easily.


Have you grown any other calathea in your garden? Exactly, the same temperature conditions can suit this plant which is about 15-20 degrees celsius and in this temperature range, you can have a healthy plant with you.


Very little wet conditions are suitable for this plant, but you need to make sure that the soil never gets dry so you can have an amazing plant. Basically, I have created a schedule to water this plant in my garden and I have never faced any watering problems.

While overwatering can cause root rot problems and soon your plant can die.


Do you have a shady area in your garden? If yes then this plant can stay happy because it needs a lot of bright but indirect sunlight. Light is very important, other you can lose some variation in the leaves and surely it will increase the beauty of your beautiful house plant.

We recommend to be focused with the light needs of plant.


The plant is sensitive to watering conditions, so normal gardening soil with perlite mixture is best.


Normal humidity is enough but in case of low humidity, you can use a humidifier. And its easily available at your nearby gardening shop.


That’s all guys, you can explore Growncares to find more guide about gardening.