Do you love growing calathea? If yes you will also love this plant known as Calathea Musaica. I love this plant because of its leaves, which are green in color and have light, dark, and medium green color boxes at its top which makes it beautiful.

Scientifically this plant is known as Goeppertia kegeljanii. If you like calathea and want more information read out our calathea varieties article to find more content about it.

This special article is all about the Calathea Musaica care guide and I will share all the needed things to share with you.

Calathea Musaica Care Guide


This calathea variety can do well in many conditions of light as compared to others. But if you are already growing a calathea and know about it. Then bright and a good amount of indirect sunlight is highly suitable for this plant.


You need to provide a temperature between 65°F (18ºC) to 85°F (30°C). In case, if your temperature goes below 15-degree celsius plant can stop growing.


A humidity range between 60-80% is perfect for this plant and you can easily provide this amount of humidity. While a humidifier will be a perfect solution for you if you have a low humidity level.


Make sure that you are watering the plant very well. In the case of overwatering, you can see root rot problems and your plan can die soon. For watering, you need to check the potting mixture with your finger, and if the top layer looks dry, then you should water the plant.


We can divide the soil mixture into 3 different parts and you need to use such a soil mixture:

  • 33% normal Garden Soil
  • 33% Peat
  • 33% Perlite

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