Calathea Maui queen is not a common houseplant and it belongs to the Prayer Plant family. This plant is going famous in gardens because of its beautiful leaves which are having a small design at the bottom of it. It is also known as Calathea louisae and it needs some basic level care which is almost required for many houseplants, so here at Growncares, we are going to discuss its care. Calathea louisae is a hybrid cultivar and belongs to the tropical rainforests of Brazile calathea has a few other varieties and Calathea ornata is one of them.

It’s having dark green leaves with green colored pattern longer on the mid of each leaf. It looks as if someone has done artwork on the leaves but it’s totally natural which increases the interest of people in this plant. As it belongs to the prayer-plants family leaves will be down in sunlight and at night they will be lifted upward.

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Care Guide Of Calathea Maui Queen


Like with many other houseplants, calathea Maui queen also needs bright but indirect light. As an indoor plant find a spot near a window or somewhere it can get the required bright light. If you are living in a close apartment and don’t have bright sunlight, then grow lights are the best solution fr this, I am also personally using Glow lights for some plants.

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This plant needs water regularly and moisture is necessary but it can’t tolerate soggy soil and in these conditions, the drainage hole is a must under your pot. Overwater or water logging will invite different root diseases like root rot which will die your plant.

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A better humidity level will be helpful for plant growth and health. Brown and crispy leaves of plants show that it needs more humidity. A pebble tray will be helpful to increase the moisture level around your plant. Fill it with water and place your pot in it making sure that water is not touching the roots. With time as water evaporate, the humidity will increase around the plant but this method is just suitable for one plant and a humidifier is a solid solution. You can also mist the plant a single time in a week but it will not be too helpful, so we don’t recommend misting leaves because it can also bring different pests.

calathea louisae

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Low humidity problems can cause a lot of problems it’s better to buy a humidifier that is highly suitable for your plants. One of my favorite is listed below:


Temperature between 65-85℉ is highly suitable and it can survive at a little higher temperature but too low temperature will burn the leaves of the plant and it will be difficult to have a healthy plant.

Potting Mixture

A well-drained potting mixture is suitable which can obtain moisture levels for a long time.


Fertilizers will be helpful in the growing season ( summer and spring). Granular fertilizers can be used after every month which will invite new growths of the plant. Extra fertilizers can be dangerous and use half a dose of recommended fertilizers. Don’t fertilize in the colder months because it can be dangerous plus not helpful for plants.

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Repotting can be done after one or two years when you see roots through drainage holes or problems while watering. Again select a highly suitable soil and select the next size pot than the older one.

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Video Guide For Calathea Maui Queen

Pests And Problems Of Calathea Maui Queen

It’s really difficult to find Maui queen with pests but spider mites can be spotted on this plant. Different leaves problems like yellow or brown can come because of low or too bright sunlight, overwatering will also bring root rot.

More Information

Does Calathea Maui Queen Produce Flowers?

Yes, this plant flowers in wild but we hardly find flowers indoors, but it is possible under solid care and if you fill all the requirements of the plant.

How Big Calathea Maui Queen Can Be?

It can grow about 3 inches wider and longer under the best care.

Is Calathea Maui Queen Toxic?

No, it is not toxic for humans and pets, but it will be better to keep your plants away from pets.

That’s all guys from our today post, you will be in love with many other plants such as Dischidia and Syngonium, explore our site and get more amazing guides about them. Enjoy Gardening with Growncares.