Calathea Concinna is a very unique plant and mostly we can find this plant in different regions of Brazil. But as with all other calathea varieties, it’s a very famous House plant. I also have Calathea Concinna in my home-based garden. Our today article is going to be all about its care guide and you will never face about growing these plants after reading this article.

Calathea Concinna Care Guide

Here we have covered all the steps of caring for Calathea Concinna in a very simple and easy-to-understand type. So if you are new to gardening, I am sure that you will understand everything from this single article.


This plant love light and you will be having many plants in your house. Mostly filtered light is suitable, but direct light will also don’t have any effect but it should be limited. You can grow it in any light area.

In case you have low light conditions, then there is nothing better than using Glow lights which will be easily available at the gardening stores.


This plant can be different from many other house plants you may have. Because it can never survive if its soil is dry. You always need to keep the soil slightly moist and plants can do well in such conditions.

You should need to water it regularly to prevent watering problems and your plant will be happy.


If you are a true garden then water needs will be enough to clear soil needs. While this plant needs a well-drained potting mix and it can be normal gardening soil. I’m also using Normal Gardening soil and my calathea is performing very well.


The temperature range between 15.5°C (60°F) is highly suitable and your plant can do well in such conditions as an indoor plant.


That’s it and I hope that we have covered all the basic things about caring for this plant. Explore Growncares More to get more plants to care guide which is waiting for you.