It is not difficult or not anything special to grow Betel Leaf Plant but you just need to fill up all the plant requirements to see it healthy. This is a rare plant and mostly Indian gardens grow this plant in pots, containers, or in any suitable area where the plant can stay healthy. Many other such house plants as lucky bamboo are very famous in India and are commonly grown.

 It is commonly known as Paan, Nagar-bel, Tambula, and Desi paan in different regions of India and all over the world. It’s a herb and belongs to the pepper family. It’s having dark green heart-shaped leaves which increases the interest of gardeners. This plant is very useful in India, it is used in different dishes for cooking purposes, and its leaves are used in pann, and it’s a very valuable plant in India. Today at Growncares, we are going to discuss this betel plant care and propagation guide in a few simple steps.

Is Betel Leaf Plant An Indoor Plant?

Yes, betel leaf is a medium care houseplant and you can also grow it in different sizes of optimum pots plus its don’t demand a lot of attention.

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Significance of Betel Leaf Plant In India

In the subcontinent two biggest countries India and Pakistan have very significant pann and most commonly it is used in India. Its leaf recipe is known as pann made with slacked lime, sour taste product like lemon and one or two other ingredients, everyone use what he wants. Most people all over the world eat pann after every meal and it works to help the digestive system. It’s seriously very rare to find any Indian who has not tasted the pann. Not for this purpose but it’s used in many marriages for decorations and like that, furthermore it’s a very great thing in the medical field, and it’s found very effective against different diseases.

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Care Guide Of Betel Leaf Plant

No special care is required for this, you just need to care about temperature mainly, it will depend on the area where you are living. Each and everything about its care is listed here:

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As it’s a common plant in India so it loves tropical creepers and a temperature between 10-33 degrees celsius is highly suitable and the plant will stay active. Mostly in India, you don’t have to worry about these temperature conditions because it’s the normal temperature in most regions.


Paan plants will survive well in hot climates. As an outdoor plant select a suitable area where it can receive direct sunlight in the morning but shady light in the afternoon and later on because this bright light can burn the leaves of the plant.

If you have grown paan plant indoors then choose any area where it can receive bundles of indirect but bright sunlight.


Betel Leaf Plant loves moist soil and you should need to water regularly. Overwatering will be dangerous and cause root rot so is safe while watering check soil conditions always. A well-drained potting mixture will be helpful and it will prevent waterlogging and your plant can stay safe.

Potting Mixture

It can easily grow in different types of soil but sandy and loamy soils are the best ones. Basically, your soil must have good nutrients and it must be having the best drainage conditions. Always choose a pot which is having a drainage hole and you can also add 10% sand to the potting mixture in case of clay soil.

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It can survive without fertilizers but if you will use some fertilizers surely it will be helpful. It will be better to fertilize your plant after every month with any liquid fertilizer will be helpful. If you are growing your plants organically and using organic fertilizers and it is very amazing about the health of this plant. Cow manure can be used 2-3 times every year as a fertilizer and it’s easily available free of cost in Pakistan and India but maybe you have to pay for it in Europe or other countries.

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If you are harvesting or collecting the leaves of time regularly then there is no need for extra pruning. It’s necessary to start leaf collection when the plant gain height of about 1.5 feet and this leaf pruning will allow new leaves to grow easily.

Propagation Of Betel Leaf Plant

Propagation of paan plant is too simple like different other houseplants like njoy pothos, discussed at Growncares. Its cutting can be easily propagated in a few simple steps listed here:

  • Select a sharp cutter or knife and get 6-8 inches longer cutting.
  • Remove all the leaves from this cutting.
  • At the bottom gently cut down cutting with a 45-degree angle, so it will be helpful for germination.
  • Fill a glass jar with water
  • put your cutting in it
  • Place it under proper sunlight and humidity conditions
  • Change water after every 3-4 days

After one or two weeks you will see some small roots growing forward. You can transplant your pann plant in the best pot and now provide it with proper care.

Is Betel Leaf Plant Toxic?

No, surely as humans eat this in India, it’s totally safe and non-toxic.