Syngonium plant is liked by almost every person because they don’t need a lot of care. It’s available in multiple colors according to its variety. And the shape of plant leaves changes when your plant becomes mature.

You can easily grow it near the wall or in a hanging pot. For the wall, it’s not hard for this plant to move up and it will make the wall beautiful. In hanging pots different branches will spread around your pot and it will look beautiful.

Is Syngonium An Indoor Plant?

Yes, it’s a beautiful houseplant and has attractive heart-shaped leaves. Most people grow this arrowhead plant because it’s easy to care and nothing special is required.


Prevent these plants from direct sunlight because direct sunlight will burn their leaves. It’s a low light plant but if you will grow it in some light it will grow faster and its leaves or color will not be affected but prevent direct sunlight.

During the winter season, you can put the plant in front of direct sunlight and it will be better to rotate or turn your plant after every watering so the plant will get light easily.

Water Requirements

Its watering can be done a single time in a day. But make sure that your plant medium is completely dry and don’t water if still, it’s wet. If you will let it dry for a long time then the lower leaves of the plant will start getting dry. In these conditions, you can dip the pot in water or can water it well. But more and standing water in the pot will invite root rot which can kill your plant and you need to fix root rot as soon as you can.


Arrowhead vine plants don’t like a low or high temperature a medium temperature varying between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable. But if the temperature will be lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit it’s hard for plants to survive in such situations. During winter seasons make sure to put the plant away from doors or winter or prevent low-temperature places.


Basically, most of the household plant’s humidity is around 40-50% but some plants may require more. And such plants will show results in the humidity of around 60%.

Fertilizer Requirements

During growing seasons Syngonium plant will need some liquid fertilizers or different other fertilizers that can be used after every month. During the start of the spring season, it will be better to provide organic fertilizers to such plants as organic compost. For better growth, you can use a small portion of cow dunk compost or vermicompost directly after every month. In this way, your plant will fulfill att of the required needs.

Synoginum Propagation can be done in many ways follow our articles and know the best way.

Some Tips

  • If you want to transfer the plant to a hanging pot, first of all, let it grow fully and when the plant becomes fully mature then it will be better to transfer it to a hanging pot.
  • Plant cutting should be done if you want to get a compact and beautiful plant for a long time.
  • If you want to grow Syngonium through a cutting, it will be better to put it in water, so they will produce roots sooner.

Some Best Varieties Of Syngonium Plants

Syngonium plant
Syngonium Plant

Like other household plants, Syngonium is also having more than thirty different varieties with different qualities. We have a collection of some best varieties which are most commonly grown:

  • Berry Allusion Nephthytis
  • Bold Allusion Nephthytis
  • Cream Allusion Nephthytis
  • Julia Allusion Nephthytis Plant
  • Pink Allusion
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Exotic Allusion Nephthytis

These varieties are famous because of their different color, plant shape, and designs. All of these mentioned Nephthytics varieties can be easily grown at any suitable place easily.