Begonia is a houseplant that can give you beautiful flowers and it’s also a healthy plant. Begonia Propagation can be done in a few different and easy ways and every owner of this plant will surely want to grow his garden and produce more, they will stay healthy if you will give proper care to begonia. So, read out this article and see how you can grow this plant by propagation without any cost.

How To Get A Begonia Cutting?

You can get cuttings in different ways to propagate your Begonia plant. We are going to discuss the easiest way but if you are the owner of this plant, you will surely know that we can propagate begonia with just a piece of leave.

Getting A Stem Cutting

Yeap, this is the easiest and most simple way for begonia propagation and you will get a good germination ratio this way.

Just get a cutting from a stem about 2 or 4 inches long with at least 2 leaves and that’s it. It’s perfect to plant this and to see new growing plants.

Leaf Cutting

This method is really interesting and I hope every gardener will be going to love this method, You just need a healthy-grown leaf and remove it from the base where it is connected to the main stem or branch with which it’s grown.

Rhizome Cutting

It’s also the same as stem cutting but here you don’t have to include leaves. Rhizomatous Begonias will regrow in a small time and then you can cut this rhizoma into 2 different pieces and can plant them which will grow again.

Propagation Of Begonia By Cutting

In Water

That’s my favorite method because I grow it in different glasses of different shapes and roots are clearly visible through them and it’s also the easiest way of begonia propagation.

  • At first, fill any glass with water and make sure to use fresh water.
  • Now put your cutting in it, just put the stem in water and remove all the leaves which are disturbing or in water.
  • Put the glass in a warmer area.
  • Make sure that bright and indirect sunlight is available.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, because the water in the glass will become hot and growth is not possible.
  • Change the water when it looks dirty or two times a week.

After 10-14 days you will see some roots growing at the bottom and when they get about 2-3 inches long you can transplant them into your main pot. Choose a well-drained potting mixture transplant this cutting and provide proper care to your plant.

In Soil

Many people recommend propagation in soil because you can face different issues while propagating in the water.

  • Choose a pot with a drainage hole
  • Choose rich and well-drained soil
  • Plant your half cutting in it
  • Keep the soil moist
  • Provide the same care which is suitable for a big plant.

In soil, you will not be able to see the statics that is your cutting healthy or not. But after 10-14 days you can see some small growth or in a few days, you will see small leaves growing. That’s it your cutting is ready and now provide it proper care as needed.

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Begonia Propagation Through Leaves

Through Complete Leaf

Do you want to grow a small begonia plant through leaves? It’s really simple at first you need a plastic seedling tray. It will be better to propagate through the whole leaf, make sure that the leaf has a petiole with it. At first, use any rooting hormone or honey as a rooting hormone and dip this petiole in it. Now plant it smoothly in the soil but don’t bury the whole leaf just pit petiole in the soil.

Later with time, In about 2 weeks you will see some new growth and it means your planting has started its growth. But germination ratio through these propagation methods is low as compared to cutting.

With A Partial Leaf

Does your mother begonia plant don’t having enough leaves which can be used for the propagation process? Then this method will work for you. Divide a big leave into two different parts. Cut the leave gently with any cutter or knife and make sure that it’s having a small piece of the vein. After doing all of this follow the same process which is used for propagation through the whole leaf and you will see good results.

Begonia propagation Through rhizome

For propagation, through rhizome, you have to prepare a seedling tray where you are going to plant this. Now just put these pieces of rhizome over the soil and cover them a little with soil, which means cover 50% of the soil, and in this way, the lower part will produce roots and the upper one will start new growth.

These were all methods for propagation of your begonia plant and I hope that you will be able to grow your garden with Growncares.