Begonia Maculata belongs to the begonia genus and it’s famous because of its polka dot leaves or also known as polka dot begonia, Polka Dot Plant is different. Read this article to know everything regarding care and all other things about this plant.

Care Of Begonia Maculata plant

The basic needs of this plant are bright indirect sunlight like other house plants, and a moist environment with a well-drained potting mixture. Proper watering is necessary and doesn’t water over its leaves. Now we are going to discuss all these things in some detail to provide you best knowledge and help.


Indirect but bright sunlight is suitable and direct bright sunlight can destroy the leaves. In some cases, if you are not having enough light conditions for the plant you can use grow lights in these situations.


Regarding water, this plant is really sensitive and you should not do any mistakes. The plant always wants a moist environment but it does not mean the plant should be wet. Before watering check out the soil conditions with the help of your finger and water it about half an inch.

Its leaves are much sensitive and they can be affected due to water. While watering makes sure that Begonia Maculata leaves don’t get wet. Try to water them with any gentle shower or through any product you like but make sure that the leaves are dry, bottom watering method is really suitable for this plant. In some cases, if leaves get dry, you can clean them with the help of any cloth or tissue.

Begonia Maculata care

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Humidity Requirements

Polka dot begonias like humidity but makes that all the leaves are dry, but personally, I prefer to use a humidifier for better care.


Don’t worry about temperature requirements because it loves warmer temperature or common house plant temperature is also suitable. During the winter season put the plant in any safe place where it doesn’t get cool air so the plant will stay healthy during the winter season.

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Potting Mixture

Normal house plant’s soil mixture is suitable for this plant with a mixture of perlite for better drainage conditions.


It can get benefits from fertilizers but like all other plants, an extra amount of fertilizers can be dangerous. Liquid fertilizers are best to use after every three weeks during growing seasons and use the best way for fertilization.

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You should need to repot the plant every year but its loves to rebound the roots so you can just change the soil mixture instead of changing the pot also. But if you like to change the pot or want to increase its size make sure to select a pot which is having a good drainage system.


Pruning will really help your begonia plant to grow more and it will spread more, plus your plant will stay healthy. Pruning can be done with the help of sharp scissors always cut the branch a little up from the node, so the plant will start growing again in a short time.

Also, prune the stems which are heaving unhealthy leaves or are showing leggy growth and also cut dead and dying stems.

In some cases begonia leaves will start showing some brown tips, you should cut this brown part from the leaf instead of cutting the whole leaf. If you will not cut down that specific brown part from leaves it can spread more and will affect other leaves also. If a mature plant is not looking good, it must need some care so cutting from its top will help the plant to grow easily and it will also fill up all the requirements.

Foliage and Flowers

polka dot begonia is having green leaves with silvery pigments or dots over them which increases its beauty. Flowers bloom with white or pink color with yellow dots pigments in it.

How do I get my Begonia Maculata to flower?

  • Plenty of indirect but bright sunlight
  • Allow the plant to be root bounded
  • Regular fertilizers are necessary
  • Maintain a better humidity level

How Big Begonia Plant will be?

It grows very fast and it can grow up to five or six feet. I am also having tall plants in my garden and you can support such big plants with trellis or stakes.

Problems And Pests

Why Begonia Maculanta Is Dying?

This pant fear faces some problems but in some cases, many problems can affect the plant but it does not mean that your plant is dying. Here we are having a list of common problems found in this plant:

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Brown Leaves

Brown or crispy leaves are possible because your plant is dry. But less humidity can be a reason behind the brown leaves of this plant, so make sure water to well according to requirements and use a humidifier to fill up humidity requirements.

Yellow Leaves

It can be just one reason behind this and it is an extra amount of water. Make sure to check the potting mix conditions with your hand or finger and water if needed.

Tall And Leggy Stems

It’s due to less sunlight and in such conditions shift plants toward any bright area where it can get bright but indirect sunlight. Cut down all the affected parts of the plant so the plant will be totally healthy and will grow better.

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Powdery mildew

It is commonly caused due to of wet leaves during watering or through any other way. Generally, water the plant and make sure its leaves are safe and dry but if the plant gets such disease you can use fungicidal to make it safe, but keep it away from the reach of children or pets.


Pests are not common on begonia but common pests like mealybugs and whiteflies can be found on plants. Make the plant safe by using common pesticides for these pests or try natural insects repellent.


Propagation Of Begonia Maculata

Begonias can be easily propagated in water or in potting mixture with easy methods like Syngonium and many others, here we are discussing both of these propagation methods:

Propagation In Water

Cutting can be taken easily with the help of a knife or cutter and make sure that your cutting is having at least one node if possible cutting can be having more than one node. Now select a glass jar and fill it with fresh water, dip your cutting in it and remove all the leaves which are in the water.

Change water after every three days and put in front of indirect but bright sunlight, in proper care, about 2-3 weeks later some roots will start growing and when the roots become 2-3 inches later you can transplant the cutting in a suitable pot with the best soil mixture.

Propagation In Potting Mixture

Get cutting in the same way as for water propagation, now select a suitable pot and fill it with the best and moistened potting mixture. After planting the cutting always maintained a good moisture level but don’t make the soil wet every time. You can cover the top of the cutting with any plastic bag for the best humidity level. After about 3 weeks gently check the root growth of the plant and then start treating the plant better.

Is Polka Dot Begonia Safe For Pets?

No, it’s totally unsafe for your beautiful pets and always take your pets away from this plant.