Amydrium medium is a vining plant with some different and striking leaves. It’s also known as a spider monster. I have different varieties of this plant but I am not sure about its pricing. Amydrium medium silver is the most famous breed and today I am going to discuss, how you can care for this plant all the steps are listed.

Where To Buy Amydrium Medium Spider?

Here is the amazing plant and you can easily buy fresh plants from here, thanks.

Is Amydrium Medium Easy To Care?

Yes, Any gardener can simply care for this plant by filling some basic requirements of this plant. It’s really simple to care for such plants, if you are a gardener then this plant is not a milestone for you.

Amydrium Medium Silver Care


Amydrium can’t bear bright light and personally, I don’t recommend you to put this plant in bright and indirect sunlight. direct and low light is highly suitable, bright or direct sunlight can destroy its leaves and this will really disappoint you. Low light will also make some issues so provide optimum light like place it near a window or near any suitable medium.

During the winter season, you need to use a grow light to provide indirect sunlight for your plant and your plant will stay happy in the winter season.


Before watering your house plant check the soil moisture level, same for this plant, insert your finger about 2-3 inches deep in the soil, and if you will it dry then you should need to water the plant. Overwatering can be dangerous and by following this method you will never face such issues as root rot. If your pot is dry and the plant needs water in such cases plant will look droop.


According to my own experience, this plant survives very well at humidity between 65-70%. In case of low humidity conditions, a humidifier will be the best choice or you can use a flat tray to increase humidity for a single plant.

Here is my favorite humidifier, use it for your plant and increase the humidity and keep your plants safe. Open it and buy from amazon:


A well-drained potting mixture with rich nutrients is highly suitable, but personally, I also use cactus mix in the soil which helps the plant to stay safe from many root diseases.

Support System

Bamboo sticks and moss poles are the best options to support such plants. This plant will grow fast with the help of any support system and I highly recommend you to use these support systems for every such plant, it’s not just necessary for growth but plants also explain their issues like if they need more sunlight.

I am not giving any extra care to that amydrium silver and I am sure your plant will also be happy under such care. watch out for this extra care tips video:

Propagation Of Amydrium Medium

Like many other houses plants its propagation is also simple, get a 6-8 inches long cutting with the help of any sharp cutter or knife, and make sure that your cutting is having at least one nod ( where the plant will start producing roots ) and a few leaves.

Select any suitable pot and fill it with the perfect soil mixture and now plant your amydrium cutting in it. Make sure to put this plant in a perfect location where it can get indirect sunlight. Maintain recommended moisture level and within 15 days your cutting will start producing roots after 2 weeks gently check the production of the root and after that start proper care. The germination ratio is not 100% but under proper care, you can get a better germination ratio.

Disease And Pests

Yellow Leaves

The most common problem is yellow leaves and like other house plants like Begonia Maculanta problems, it’s also because of extra sunlight or low watering. You can also read out our article about yellow leaves of pothos but the same things will work for all the house plants.


Different pests like mealybug and spider mites can be found on the leaves of your plant. Use a natural way to be safe from these pests and neem oil is a better solution for that. Whenever you spot any such pests over your plant make sure to spray neem oil or clean plant leaves with neem oil.

Less humidity can bring flat leaves or it will affect the growth rate of plants and new leaves will come very hard, so always maintain a better moisture level. After growing a lot of plants in your garden you can face weed problems also so here read out natural weed killer guide and get rid of them.

Is Amydrium Medium Toxic For Pests And Humans?

Yes, it’s toxic for pests, and humans always keep your children and pets away from this plant.

That is all from our today post about amydrium medium and we hope that you will continue reading Growncares for more amazing content for you according to needs and will enjoy gardening with us.