Alocasia Polly is truly a unique house plant and it’s having deep green waxy leaves with cream lines over them. Its amazing color makes this plant a dark and beautiful house plant. This plant needs some care and most people don’t recommend this plant to new gardeners but don’t worry if you are new this guide is going to help you a lot regarding its care.

It’s an African Mask plant and its scientific name is Alocasia × amazonica. This plant is having an unknown region and this is a tropical plant. But this is a hybrid variety and we don’t know about the exact parents alocasia is having many other varieties like Alocasia Black Velvet.

Where To Buy Alocasia Polly Plant?

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Its Dramatic leaves look really beautiful, beautiful long arrowhead leaves with a length around about 20 inches maximum increase its beauty. Beautifull cream sides and lines look really amazing with dark green leaves and a maximum height of alocasia Polly is around about 3 feet.

Alocasia Polly Care


Direct and too much bright sunlight is totally dangerous and it will burn down the leaves of alocasia. Provide optimum light and place it near a window or at any place where it can get filtered sunlight, So it will prevent direct rays of sunlight and your plant will be healthy.

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Polly plants love moist soil and they grow very well under these conditions. These plants surely don’t like to dry out and it can affect the growth rate. Like many other houseplants, when the topmost layer of soil is dry to touch it means you should need to water. Extra water can be dangerous and doesn’t allow water to stand in the pot because it can invite different root diseases like root rot. Also, allow water to release from the drainage whole, and it makes sure that your plant roots are also getting water.

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These watering conditions and care regarding water can be difficult for new gardeners but if you will experience this a few times, I am sure you will never face any issues. As always plant will need more water in the summer season but during the winter season time interval between every watering will be longer, so don’t worry about this, always check soil conditions and then water the plant.

Alocasia Polly

Moisture Level

This plant can surely get benefit from moisture. If you have noticed some brown edges of leaves it means that plant needs some extra moisture. Lightly mist the leaves with water but extra water can invite fungal infection. You can also use a flat tray, fill it with water and make sure that water is not touching the root. This is a very valuable thing to increase the humidity level of air for a single plant but if you have grown multiple plants that need extra moisture, it will be better to use a humidifier for them.

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Potting Mixture Or Soil

Like many other house plants, a well-drained potting mixture with bundles of rich nutrients is highly suitable for this plant and such potting mixture also saves your plant from over or under-watering.


Alocasia Polly needs some fertilizers in the growing season. Common house plant fertilizers or different organic fertilizers can be used after every month, but never fertilize this plant in winters.


This plant looks very tight in the pot but with time as the plant grows more and gets bigger, it must need to repot alocasia. Root bounding is the most common sign of repotting, but we recommend you to report after every one year or after every eighteen months. Every time select at least 2 inches wider pot and use the best pot which is having a drainage hole at the bottom.

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Mostly alocasia plants never face any pests attack but maybe spider mites attack this Polly plant. So continuously check the leaves of your plant and take an instant action in case of any problem.

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Does Alocasia Polly Produce Flowers?

Yes but we have never seen any flower indoors but it can produce flowers in the wild areas. It can also produce flowers in your house or garden if you are providing excellent care and all other requirements are highly suitable.

Is Alocasia Polly Toxic For Pets An Humans?

Yes, it’s toxic for humans and pets because like Philodendron Splendid it also contains calcium oxalate which is dangerous for the skin and mouth.