Everyone has heard of Minions, the adorable yellow character from the Despicable Me film series. Even if you haven’t seen the movies yet, this is true. The narrator of the films stated that Minions have been on Earth longer than dinosaurs. There are many of these “species,” each with slightly different characteristics. However, they all have the same goal: to provide the best services to the world’s most despicable boss; making him happy is the main reason the creatures exist. Minion monikers

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There are numerous conspiracy theories and issues surrounding the films. But one thing is certain: all of the Minions are extremely cute and funny. It is not an exaggeration to say that many viewers fall in love with it.

Who are the 3 main Minions?

Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are three of the most popular minions.

What are the names of each Minions

Here are the list of minion names complete with photo and explanation.

  • Bob
  • Carl
  • Dave
  • Jerry
  • John
  • Kevin
  • Mark
  • Phil
  • Stuart
  • Tim

1. Bob The Minion

Bob is one of the three main characters in the films, particularly in the Minions prequel. Meanwhile, in Despicable Me 2’s final credit, he was the one who causes chaos. However, it doesn’t mean that the chaos he made is just bad. He even got some fortunes including being chosen as an employee of Scarlet Overkill. The Minion even becomes the youngest king.

Bob’s body is small, a little bit fat, and bald. He is one of some Minions that don’t have any hair at all. Uniquely, he is the only Minion who is suffered from Heterochromia or different irises between the left and right eyes. In term of behavior, Bob is a trouble-maker and an attention seeker. He acts naturally like a child, very cute for sure but sometimes, annoying.

2. Carl The Minion

The next Minion with name is Carl. Compared to Bob, Carl is taller with only one eye. He is more cheerful and easy to get along whether with his fellow Minions or with the human. However, he also likes to make a noise. He was the living alarm when his boss, Gru, burned down the phone in the second film. Carl even wore red sirens on his head as well as his hand carried a toa.

More than that, he also “sing” along “bee do.. bee do.. bee.. doo”, multiple times so that other Minions just shouted out at him. Sometimes, Carl looks stupid indeed. But sure, it makes the entire movies even more funny and interesting.

3. Darwin

Darwin’s body is not as tall as Carl but also not as short as Bob. With this medium-sized body, he looks faster and more dexterous compared with others. He is one of the one-eyed Minions in the movie series. He is known for his plan to steal Larry’s banana. Darwin is indeed quite egoistic. Sometimes, his actions cause troubles for Gru and his fellow Minions. Uniquely, he is polite and well-behaved with other people.

4. Dave The Minion

Dave is one of the most stand-out Minions mainly in Despicable Me 2. Sure, he is the most often to accompany Gru his mission in the world. He is a medium-sized Minion with two eyes and half-split hair on his head. Yes, he has hair and it is even quite long. He is really kind, charming, and care of others. At the same time, Dave is also really careless and, of course, he causes chaos.

Dave is really smart, creative, and talented. Aside from being good at playing video games, he can create handicrafts from foods. He loves ice cream and rockets. There are some memorable scenes that feature Dave. They are when Dave had a fantasy about Lucy and when he disguised into a purple Minion to sneak up into El Macho’s house.

5. Frank

Frank is not seen often just like the four Minions mentioned above. However, he is featured in the short video in the DVD version of Despicable Me entitled Home Makeover. You can watch this version on YouTube and Dailymotion. In the video, he looks panic and screams. The characteristics are not different from other Minions (well, all of them are similar indeed). He has two eyes, medium-sized body, and his hair looks neat.

6. Jerry The Minion

Jerry appears in two series of Despicable Me; Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. However, the Minion seems to be absent in the prequel, Minions. He is a short and fat Minion with two eyes. His hair is short and sharp. In the films, Jerry is known as the role to monitor Gru’s daughters. Meanwhile, he also had a habit to scream “Whaaaaaaatt?!”. Jerry is cheerful and jolly. But just like many other Minions, he is reckless and coward also.

7. John

John appears briefly in the first and second movies of Despicable Me. But he took different roles in both movies. John is the one-eyed Minion who was being the referee at the end of the first movie. Then, he was also the Minion who acted like a foreman while other Minions make jellies. John was also the one who tasted the jelly.

The physical appearances of John are as follow. He has a medium-sized body. Commonly, he wears a hat also with tools in his hands. He looked grumpy. Well, it is probably because of his role to monitor what his friends done in the movies.

8. Kevin

Kevin is the tallest Minion. He is also one of the three main Minions in the newest movie, Minions. Sure, for his physical appearance, Kevin becomes the most stand-out. Other characteristics that differ Kevin from others are his little standing wavy hair right in the middle of his head. In some scenes, Kevin is seen wearing a cap and golf suits.

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Kevin was the first Minion who received the healing serum after the Minions were being purple in Despicable Me 2. Meanwhile, he was also the one who drives the horse carriage in the third movie. Kevin is probably one of the bravest Minions in the movie series. He has good leadership quality. Interestingly, Kevin is really talented as well. He loves sports like golf and is a good electrician. At the same time, the Minion is quite flirty also.

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9. Ken

Ken’s appearance is very similar to Kevin. Kevin is known as the tallest Minion indeed. But he sometimes looks taller, maybe because of his body that is quite thin. Ken is seen with one of his fellow Minions, Mike in the short movie, Panic in the Mailroom. In the movie, Mike turned into a purple or evil Minion. Although Ken is not the main character of the movie, his characteristic can be easily recognized. He can be easily disturbed. Meanwhile, he also loves video games and animals.

10. Lance

Lance is a one-eyed Minion with some sheets of hair on his head. The hair has a buzz-cut style anyway. Lance is seen in the second film when he helped Gru to gather information about El Macho. He was also the one who cleaned the door’s knob after Tom has been kidnapped.

11. Larry

Larry is not the main character and he also doesn’t have any important role. However, he appears in all series of Despicable Me although his appearance is very short. At the end of the first movie, he danced in front of the musical instruments. Besides, he was the first Minion who tasted the jam or jelly in the second film.

Being appeared only briefly doesn’t make Larry’s characteristics cannot be recognized easily. His hair is spreading on his entire head, looking a little bit messy. He looks cheerful as well as trying his best to understand difficult situations. However, it is also seen that he is often played by his friends.

12. Mark

In term of physical appearance, Mark looks very similar to Dave. He has two eyes and a medium-sized body. His hair is combed neatly with a half-split style. Mark was one of the Minions that were sent on a mission to look for a unicorn doll for Agnes, one of Gru’s kids. In the second film, he was one of the Minions that were arrested in the ice cream truck. Mark has a very interesting personality. He loves singing and dancing but sometimes, he looks like a nerdy Minion.

13. Mike

Mike is one of the main Minion characters in the short video, Panic in the Mailroom. It has been mentioned before; the video is featured in the DVD version of Despicable Me 2. Sure, you can also watch it on YouTube and DailyMotion.

In the short movie, he was the Minion who turned into a purple or evil Minion. Well, Ken accompanied him that time. For behaviors and personalities, he is very similar to Dave who is sweet, kind and caring. Mike is known also to be a hardworker and always obeying the rules given to him. Besides, he has interests to animals particularly kittens.

14. Norbert

Norbert is a one eyed Minion appearing at the beginning of Minions movies. It is told by the narrator that he is an idiotic Minion. Yes, he is naked while appearing on the level of the sea. Then, Norbert is going back to the sea to take 2 starfishes and then put them on his breast like wearing a bra.

15. Paul – Minion Names

One of the tall Minions is Paul. Well, his appearance is not different from some other Minions like Kevin. However, his face looks more serious than his other fellows. Paul has two eyes. Compared to other Minions that often look careless and stupid, he looks smarter. Sure, he was the one who hacked Ms. Hattie’s computer. But although he is intelligent and spirited, sometimes, Paul is quite selfish.

16. Phil

Phil wore baby clothes in the first movie. He is also one of three Minions who looked for a unicorn toy for Agnes. He has two eyes, neat hair, and sometimes, he looks sticking out his tongue. Phil is the Minion that often “does” cosplay. Yes, he wears many other costumes just like the baby’s above. Some costumes are the prisoner’s suit, the tropical swimsuit, and even a dress of a French maid. His personality is very interesting also; he is caring and charming.

17. Steve

Steve is one of the main characters in all movies particularly Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. He is a medium-sized minion with one eye and neat hair combed to the right and left. In the first film, Steve was one of the Minions that were shot by Dave. Meanwhile, in the second film, he was the Minion who said “Gelato” while tasting green ice cream. Well, it was then known that the ice cream was only a trap in the car so that Minions could be kidnapped.

18. Stuart – Minion Names

Stuart is one of the main characters in Minions film. He has an eye with neat half-split hair to the right and left. Well, the hair is quite rare anyway. His personalities are funny and playful. He is also a sincere Minion with music talents like playing a guitar and ukulele. He loves banana so much. Stuart hates being disturbed by others. However, in the movie, it was often seen that he was with Dave.

Although he was mainly seen in the prequel, “Minions”, Stuart was also seen in the other two movies briefly. In the first movie, Stuart and Jerry were asked by Gru to take care of Margo, Edith, and Agnes. But they were not doing it well. They even played toilet papers with the girls in the living room. While in the second film, Stuart is the Minion who pretended to be Superman.

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19. Tim

Just like Kevin, Tim is taller and slimmer than other Minions. His hair is tall also and sharp just like the shoot of the tree. He was one of the Minions who look for a Unicorn toy for Agnes. In term of personalities, Tim is quite serious and temperamental. Sometimes, he looks selfish and doesn’t want to be lost as well as laughed. In the movie, Tim looked like an older Minion with his long beard.

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20. Tom

Tom is often seen to wear a maid dress. Sure, it is just in line with his personalities and behaviors that loves cleanliness and caring. Besides, Tom also loves singing and dancing. In Despicable Me 2, Tom was the first Minion that is infected by PX-41 Serum. Besides, he was the last Minion that was changed back into a yellow Minion.

There was a mistake during the promotion of Despicable Me related to Tom. The production house, Illumination Entertainment displayed the picture of Tom in the poster, but named him as Phill. Besides, he was also called Kevin in the same movie. It is not known whether the mistake is intentional or not.

21. Chris – Minion Names

Chris is a cute and quiet Minion, known for his short and spiky hairstyle. He is a one-eye Minion and in his appearance, he looks wearing a coat. He didn’t appear often in the 3 movies. He makes an appearance only a very short period of time with Bob.

22. Mel

Mel is a new character that appears in Despicable Me 3. Well, even if he has appeared in previous movies, there are no specific scenes that show him. He has a unique appearance in which the hair is only placed on the sides of the head. Meanwhile, in the middle, it is just bald. Mel looks like an older or senior Minion. Besides, he looks quite grumpy.

23. Jorge – Minion Names

Jorge also appears with a very minor role. His appearance is small with two eyes. Similar to some other Minions, his hair is half-split and he looks really charming, kind, and innocent. In the movie, he wore a fireman suit when Carl and Josh make a fire on Gru phone sets.

24. Donny

Donny is probably one of the funniest Minions although his appearance is quite short. He looks stupid and innocent as well as has some favorite activities; singing and dancing. One of the most memorable scenes with Donny is when John and Paul asked him to carry fruits. To get the fruits, Donny jumped in the fruit container. Besides, he was also known as a Minion whose the head got stuck in the jar.

Human Characters – Minion Names

In Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, Minions are actually not the main characters. They are even only the supporting characters that help the main characters to do his missions. Well, how many Minions are there? They are hundreds anyway so that impossible to introduce them one by one on this page. Moreover, many of them appear very briefly in groups. Sure, it is aside from the main 24 mentioned in the previous points. More importantly, there are humans in the movie series. Who are they?

25. Dr. Gru – The Minion Names

Well, he is the boss of Minions. Initially, he was quite cold and evil. But after meeting the kids and he decided to adopt them, his personalities have been gradually changed. Even he starts to act funnily along with the kids and Minions. Dr. Gru is actually really ambitious to realize all his wants in many ways. However, he acts that way without any reason. It is told in the movie that all his efforts were never be paid attention by his mother.

26. Dr. Nefario – Minion Names

Dr. Nefario is a genius who designs all the tools used by Dr. Gru to do his actions. Well, just like other genius people, he is a little bit weird but also creative. Often, his inventions are not like Dr. Gru wants.

27. Margo – Minion Names

Margo is the oldest adopted daughter of Dr. Gru. Margo is a medium-height early teenager with her school uniform. She has brunette hair with a low ponytail and wears glasses. She is really mature compared to her sister. In some scenes, it is seen that Margo always puts efforts to protect her younger sisters. Besides, she is really cheerful as well as talented in ballet.

28. Edith – Minion Names

The second daughter of Dr. Gru is Edith. Edith is known for wearing pink winter suit along with a hat with the same color, red skirt and stocking, and white shoes. Sure, in some scenes, Edith is seen to wear other suits. Different from Margo, Edit has blonde hair and her skin is paler.

She is still really childish and careless. For example, it is when she entered Dr. Gru’s wardrobe and there are many sharp weapons inside. But although she is really reckless, she is the bravest among the girls. Edit is also the most active and energetic. Just like her older sister, she loves ballet.

29. Agnes – Minion Names

Agnes is still a toddler. Sure, it makes her still really cute and innocent. Agnes often wears a striped T-shirt and a denim jumpsuit. Meanwhile, the most memorable thing about her is her ponytail made right above her head. Her hair is black and straight just like the tree shot.

Just like her sisters, she is not afraid of facing anything. Agnes even successfully made Dr. Gru’s dog be tamer mainly when she touches him. Her crying always makes Dr. Gru really worries anyway. Lastly, just like her sisters, Agnes loves ballet also.

30. Villains – Minion Names

Aside from the characters mentioned above, there are still many other supporting characters in Despicable Me film series. They are including the villains like Vector and the bank owner. Vector, although he is evil, he still shows his funny sides of him. Besides, he still also does many stupid things. Vector is a thin and small guy who always wears a yellow pajama anywhere he goes. Sometimes, he wears a bat and a helmet also.

The other villain is the bank owner. Even the bank is namely Evil Bank. He always lends money for bad guys who want to do their actions but have financial problems. As information, he is the father of Vector and he prefers young villains along with their great ideas. When they are conducting their actions, mainly in disturbing Dr. Gru, sure, those villains must face Minions with all their actions.