You can consider Calathea Rufibarba as one of the softest plants in your house plants collection. I’m growing this plant from recent three years and now I have prepared a complete Calathea Rufibarba Care guide.

It belongs to Marantaceae and it’s a very famous calathea variety. Do you know about calathea varieties? You can read our calathea varieties guide and can get all the related information which is especially for all calathea lovers. This plant has lush green leaves which can attract you and it will surely increase the beauty of the house.

Here we have a complete care guide about this amazing plant which covers all the basic things which you must know about growing this amazing House plant in your House or Garden.

Calathea Rufibarba Care


Do you have low light conditions in your house? If yes then this plant can give you some good results. While bright and indirect light can make your plant glow and the leaves of the plant will be more attractive.


This plant will demand more water in the growing season while it can do well with low water conditions in winter. You need to water the plant when the top layer of about 0.5 inches looks dry. Because it doesn’t like dry conditions and it can affect the right growth of this plant.


Temperature between 65 – 85°F is suitable while in the winter season keep your plant away from doors and windows so it can be affected by low conditions and it can get lazy or leaves can be colorless.


It’s a rainforest and we recommend having high humidity conditions for this plant, While a humidifier can be perfect to maintain humidity level.


Soil which contains moisture is perfect for this plant because it can have enough power to prevent root rot disease.

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